Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Mileage: OMG this semester, OMG.

To say that things have been rough this month would be an understatement by an order of magnitude.  I’m teaching college now, and while I adore the class (Primate Behavior!!) and all my students, I am having trouble functioning on the 5 hours of sleep I’ve been averaging per night as a result of the enormous amount of work this requires.  Plus: there’s the immunological onslaught from regularly spending time on a college campus again (see that 13 mile week below).  Something’s got to give.

Also, we bought a house this month.


It is a great house with a terrible color scheme.  The kitchen?  Blood red.  The guest bathroom?  Yellow shower tile, brown flooring, pale green walls, and a peach vanity.  The master bathroom?  Wallpaper, with pale blue shower tiles that need replaced.  And carpet.  Wait, it gets worse.  The family room is… PINK AND PURPLE.  As a twitter friend (hi if you’re reading!) quipped, “Did you buy the My Little Pony house?”  I guess so. 

But.  The house is structurally sound and in a good location, which is to say:  close to the trails where we run.  So we’ll have to put up with the color scheme, or do a lot of painting.


Red room, red room.  This seems like deja vu, from that time we used to live in St. Louis.

Also, our February snowfall total is something like twice the amount that is considered normal.  I think there is close to a foot of snow on the ground now.  But it is a dry snow.  Very different than the stuff we used to get in the midwest.  I understand why they call this “powder."

Also, also, also.  My knee hurts.  But mainly trying to ignore that.

104.52 miles this month. 191.05 year to date.  Falling short, but only by a little.

Thanks for reading.

Screen Shot 2015 02 28 at 8 57 27 PM


Blue sky and foothills from today’s run through the Cathy Fromme Prairie Natural Area.

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Anonymous said...

a my little pony house! 😀😀 so funny!!! looks like Bob the Builder is doing a very professional job on the makeover!! it will be lovely when you get your personal touches on it!! hang in there! on the plus side , at least you don't have to also LIVE in it while it is under construction!!! take care of you and RB 's Knees!! ,, one question! who are you tabulating YOUR running miles for?? and in the big scheme of things. does it matter?? sorta like grammy's JOURNALS!! 😉might make you less stressful if,you just RAN!!! for the fun of it!! go gump! can't wait to,see the NEW and IMPROVED makeover of,your FOREVER home,! 😘luv mama