Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dear William (67 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 67 months old.

You wrote a book this month.  It was about Star Wars.



You still looooooooove Star Wars.

Jedi lunch


When it was still too cold to play outside, we played board games and Connect 4 together.

Connect 4


You also helped me try to recreate Thin Mints.  They were good, but tasted nothing like the real cookies.


We’re moving into a new house.  Well, new to us, at least.



Your room is partially turquoise, which you say you like.  You are most happy about the bookshelves though.



Your bathroom has brown tile, green walls, a peach countertop on the vanity, and yellow tile in the shower.  Colorful.  We’re probably going to change that, but maybe not right away.

IMG 4764

The kitchen is red.



You helped daddy and me paint over it.

IMG 4780


We had more and more snow, and then it melted.  It finally got warm enough for you and your BFF to play outside again after school.  You took turns pushing each other on the big swings. You loved that.



You finally let me give you a much needed haircut.  As long as I promised to leave you a Jedi rat-tail.  I did.

IMG 4817


Even with the weather being nicer, you still do not want to ride a bike.  But you discovered that you like daddy’s scooter.



William, I am so proud of you for everything you do.  You are the bravest kid I know.  Life isn’t always easy, and it’s rarely ever very fair.  You’re learning that in kindergarten.  I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but even if I kept you out of the broken education system forever, it wouldn’t change the way that the world works.  You need to believe in yourself and be strong, tough, and brave.  You need to keep being kind even if you don’t feel like it, even if the world isn’t kind to you.  And always at the end of the day, know that mama and daddy will be here and that no matter what, we love you forever.








Unknown said...

dear william! we always love reading about your exciting adventures every month!!! You have had a very busy month !! how exciting with a new house in the future!! you are such a good boy and we are VERY PROUD of you! always remember, paw paw and grama nan will always love you forever and ever!! NO MATTER WHAT!! stay as golden as you are right now! hugs and luv! paw paw and grama nan

Unknown said...

Love the pictures -- and love hearing about all you are doing, William. Your mama is a good writer!! I like your Jedi rat-tail!! Next time we get together, I'll want to hear more about those Star Wars things!!! Love you!!, great auntie