Monday, October 12, 2015

Dear William (74 months)

Dear William,
Today you are 74 months old.

The Dark Knight Brushes

You spent a lot of time in your Batman costume this month, whether you were brushing your teeth, or cheering your father on to a 2:48 road marathon.

You got your school picture taken.  Unfortunately, some kid knocked you over at recess the day before, and it left a small mark on your face.  Doesn't matter.  You are still lovely, no matter what.

Practice for school picture
You look like a teenager.

You continued to play soccer.

Will's soccer game 2015-09-19



Your father's stunning action shots make it look more glamorous than it really is.


We took a very long drive to view some foliage.  You helped us map the route.



Front Range

The day was worth it, because you got a Native Foods Cafe cupcake.

This is your favorite way to eat a cupcake.

Then you cheered mommy on, for a very long way.

I haven't been able to run much since my very long race, so you and I have been using our extra time to do some baking.

Pita bread.
English muffin vegan mini pizzas.

You had a school fundraiser where all the kids were supposed to run a certain number of laps around the school.  The goal for the first graders was 6 laps.

I went to watch the event.  On your first pass through, you were solidly in the middle of the pack.  Your eyes lit up when you saw me.  I asked if you wanted me to run with you, and you looked nervous and said, "I don't think you're supposed to do that."

It was a long time before you came around for the second time.  By then, I saw a couple of other parents jogging with their kids.  So I joined you.  You were struggling, but it helped to run together.  We held hands for a while.  I stayed with you from laps 2 through 6.  We slowed a lot and took a lot of walk breaks.  When you finished your 6th lap, there was only 6 minutes left on the clock.  You said, "I want to do another lap."  I couldn't believe it.  You had been struggling and complaining and telling me you wanted to stop the entire time.

"Okay," I said.  "But if you want to do this, we have to keep moving."  None of your laps had been under 6 minutes so far.

So we kept moving.  When we were close to the end, I told you give it all you've got, and I cut across the field so I could see you cross the finish line.

You did it.  With what must have been seconds to spare.  7 laps, one more than your goal.  That was at least 2 miles, and your last lap was your fastest one.  I was so, so proud of you.  I still am.  I always will be.

You inspire me to do my best and to see the world with wonder.

ISO 2500

Love always,

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September 2015 Mileage: The Best and Worst of Times Again

No big fancy post this time.

My old tibia and calf injury bothered me most of the month, particularly after my 72 mile peak training week (which, coincidentally, is the farthest I have ever run in a week).

I managed to meet Emilie Forsberg:

The best of times

And run the Bear Chase 50 Miler (faster than I have ever before run 50 miles):
The best of times again.  Quickly to be followed by the worst of times.

But it was not without repercussion.  It has been 10 days since the race and no amount of ice, ibuprofin, stretching, KT tape, or foam rolling can do away with the feeling that my entire lower left leg has been pounded with a metal baseball bat.  I just tried to run for the first time today at a school event with Will, and it did not go well.

185.06 miles this month. 1264.43 year to date.  That leaves me 235.57 away from my annual goal of 1500.  It should be a piece of cake to run that far in the 3 months that remain, but if 10 days of complete rest did nothing for this tibia, I'm not sure if it will be possible.  The time when I am handling this injury calmly has ended.

Thanks for reading.