Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dear William (66 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 66 months old.  This is your half-birthday!  You are very excited about that.  When you woke up this morning, you announced, “It’s my half birthday!" 

IMG 4700
Mom, mom! Take my picture while I am dancing and eating a granola bar!"

You did some more hiking and trail running this month.


Rest break


We got some more “Colorado snow,” which is to say, 4 inches that melted the next day:



You played “futbol” with Liam and Ismiel.

IMG 4724


You remain interested in Star Wars.

IMG 4695


You drew a picture of Grandpa Bruce, and included his age:

IMG 4697


You and mama built a Lego Scientist Lego set.

IMG 4701



You had the “100th Day of School.”  Which is apparently a thing.  That people celebrate.  All the kids were supposed to count out 100 snack items and bring them to school in a baggie.  Then the items would be mixed together for snack time.  

I would guess that not all of your classmates washed their hands super well before counting out their 100 snack items, because we all got sick shortly thereafter.

IMG 4722


You prepared all your valentines to hand out on the big day:

Valentines are done early. Let's hope laser swords and blasters are okay with the school.


You’ve developed a renewed interest in playing Uno.  I’m working on teaching you how to hold on to your Wild Card until the end, to guarantee a win.

Family fun


Happy half-birthday, Will!












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Anonymous said...

HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY WILL!! we miss you ! we love reading about your exciting adventures each month! Have a fun day at your school valentine party!! we look forward to,reading about this next months excitings! we send a big hug to,you and Lots of LOVE😘. pawpaw and grama nan