Sunday, April 8, 2012

There is a fine line between "hip and edgy" and "Lucille Bluth"

Something about this haircut has just been rubbing me the wrong way.  I couldn't quite put my finger on it until finally I realized: I am walking a very fine line between "hip and edgy" and "Lucille Bluth."

This isn't all bad. Lucille Bluth is my all-time favorite fictional character. If only I could be as bad ass as this: 



And now for the evidence: Bluth6Bluth6 6




Bluth1Bluth1 1




(Wow, it is really hard to make this face and while taking your own picture with your iPhone). Bluth5Bluth5 5




(Also, making this face is a lot harder than it looks). Bluth4Bluth4 4


Thank you, Lucille Bluth, for being my inspiration.


Anonymous said...

WHAT A HOOOOOOOOOT!!! so so FUNNY!!! Hip? EDGEY?? CRASS???? I DO LOVE THE HAIR,tho!!!!>:) luv ya,mama

amypfan said...

I don't pretend to know who Lucille Bluth is (I live in a deep dark cave), but I do think that your facial expressions here are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

You are a woman of many talents. This is hilarious !!


Cara said...

This made me happier than you I need to practice my Lucille Bluth faces. I thought that Rob had taken the pics, but was impressed to find out that this was a Melissa only operation. Well done.

Melissa said...

Ha ha. Thanks everybody.

Cara, I was thinking of you during the whole photo shoot :) I am glad that this made you happy.