Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dear William (83 months)

Dear William,
Today you are 83 months old!

When we started off this month, we were on a camping trip in Gould, CO. You and I did the nature trail hike at Ranger Lakes again (we had done it together last year too).

You have continued playing baseball!

photo by Rob

You got inspired while watching Bob Ross on Netflix.

Happy little trees

We took a very quick (yet long) trip back to IL when your great grandfather (daddy's grandpa) passed away. We picked up  Cousin Tom in Boulder and he rode with us in the RV. You liked having him to talk to while we drove.

You continued running this month. It was one of the most profoundly sublime experiences of your life thus far to go to a Towers Time Trial on Thursday evening and run with run a little ways with daddy and his friends.  At first it was very hard and you cried during the uphill.  So we stopped and you and I hiked most of the time that they ran the 3 miles up the hill. We waited for them and then ran down the last mile together. You loved that so much.

You also ran a kid's race on the 4th of July.  At first you were really excited, but right before the race started you got scared and wanted daddy to run with you.  I was waiting at the finish line and didn't see you until near the end. You were red-lining it and nearly crying.

When you finished you collapsed into my arms, sobbing.  I don't know why. I think it was because you were pushing it so hard that emotion just overcame you. I carried you to the grass and you asked me, "Did I win?" My heart sank. You had not won. You started the race waaaaaaay in the back of the pack, and even though a lot of the kids running were several years older than you, you caught up with them and picked them off one by one during the race.  But still, there were about 20 kids or so ahead of you at of you at the finish.  I told you that you were not the winner, and you said, "Did I get second or third then?" Oh dear.  I told you that you had done very well and finished near the front of the pack (it was true, there were tons of kids in that race). You remained very glum until daddy's friend Steve (who had just run something like a 15 minute 5K with the elite runners) ran races with you and cheered you up with his antics.

Photo by Rob. Steve is your fave. Also, when you saw this statue, you said, "I know that lady. She lives in You Nork."

That evening we went to the fireworks at City Park.

This month you climbed Arthur's Rock with your dad while I got to run for several hours at Lory State Park. You loved it.

Photos by Rob

I got my hair cut this month, and at first you didn't like it because it made me look less like Wonder Woman. But then you cheered up when you realized it made me look more like Joy from Inside Out.  You said you think I should dye it blue.

You finished off the month with a 30-hour playdate with your BFF Liam. You two started playing in the morning, played all day, requested to have a slumber party that night, and then you went swimming with his family the next day.  After only about 2 hours apart, Liam came to your baseball game that night.  You just love Liam so much. And I love watching the two of you play and seeing how sweet you are together.  You told me that before you went to sleep on the night of your slumber party, you asked Liam, "Do you love me?" and he told you, "Yes, I do." And you said, "Good, I love you too."  I hope you two always stay that sweet.

Stay tuned for next month: You turn 7!!

Love you always,


Anonymous said...

we LOVE LOVE LOVED reading all about your fun and adventures this past month!!! ANd we ALWAYS love seeing pictures of you having fun!!! we can't wait to see where this next month takes you!! Always stay as golden as you are! Sooo very proud of you! sending a big hug and luv! Pawpaw and grama nan

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