Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things I did after work today

1 load of laundry (but did not fold)

Made dinner (okay, I really just reheated some leftover refried bean and cornbread vegan casserole, but I had to make a completely separate dinner for Will because he wouldn't eat that)

Cleaned downstairs bathroom

Cleaned up kitchen, including scrubbing sink and stove

Packed my lunch for tomorrow

Made 1 tube of vegan lip balm, for myself (I had run out).

Attempted to fix my beloved, broken Asics running hat (that I won at a Body N Soul ladies night, circa 2004 and have worn on virtually every run I have done since then) with super glue.  (The material covering the brim of the hat has become unstitched, has since unraveled and steadily worn away).  This did not work and in fact, formally ruined the hat.

Attempted to fix Will's falling-apart Soft Star vegan shoes with the same super glue.  Was slightly more successful than with my hat.

Scrubbed kitchen and dining room floor, on my hands and knees

Bathed Will and brushed his teeth

Removed Will's 3T clothes from drawers and replaced with his new-to-him 4T clothes from Cousin Logan, while Rob reviewed animal names in Spanish with Will

Read Will Ask Mr. Bear

Scrubbed tub and bleached shower curtain and bathmat (yes, I know bleach is bad)

40 crunches on exercise ball

Helped Will go to the bathroom, again, and put him back to bed

Listened to about 20 minutes of Rob's new podcast (which you can download here).  It is good.  Really good.

Graded ~10 essay exams (note: I am not paid to do my job when I have to do it "on my own time," which is frequent)

Helped Rob search for an image to use as the cover of his new podcast, Race Condition.  This* is what we came up with: 


*50 points to the person who can identify where and when this photo was taken!


All of this was after having gotten up at 6am, run, and worked a full day.

I am burned out, and really f*cking exhausted. 

The laundry still needs folded, and I still have 21 more essay exams to grade.  It is now 11:32pm and this whole thing starts all over again at 6:00* in the morning.

*Edit: Actually, I got up at 5:20 the next morning for a grand total of 5 hours of sleep!

Oh yeah, and by the way, I signed up for the Frisco Railroad Run.  So I'll be running a 50 mile race in 4 days.

Something's got to give.



Anonymous said...

well, that was 2 DAYS work ROLLED INTO ONE!!!!!!! please slow down..... your grama would say' you need to REST!!! only thing missing from your list, was feeding the cows, gathering the eggs,? mowing the yard>< and possibly 'putting up', a few jars of jelly?? :) seriously, the LIGHT is going to burn out, if you aren't careful,,,,,,,,,, see you soon!!! leave something for me to do!!luv you, mama

Jodi said...

A clean house is overrated! It can wait. Get some sleep.
And the photo is Rob in Nicaragua in Feb., when he ran up the volcano, correct?

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, lissie ... you DO have some awful genes of your ancestors ... hope you weren't checking off things on a very long list!!! i agree with jodi -- on both counts ... are we right about Rob's pic?? I think it is a great one and someday when i'm not checking things off my very long list, i'll listen to him!! love and hugs, auntie

Melissa said...

Yes, 50 points to each! That is Rob after Fuego y Agua in 2012.

And I had to clean the house... Grama Nan was coming, and I couldn't let her know how much we live in filth.