Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear William (44 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 44 months old!

You've had quite a month.  Many milestones.

You started sleeping through the night in your underpants!  No more diapers or Pull-ups.  Hooray!

IMG 1661

You've also been a lot better about going to bed at night.  I think it's because you've all but given up naps.  Another milestone!

We had a freak snowstorm in late March.  You like cold weather about as much as I do, which is to say, not at all.  But you were a good enough sport to bundle up and go outside to play in it.  The neighborhood kids were building a snow fort in the park, and they came over and asked you if you wanted to join them.  I thought that was so sweet.  You stood next to me and held my hand and said, "No, I want to play with my mommy."

IMG 1666


IMG 1662


IMG 1669


When that was over, we had a few nice days and got to play in the park.

IMG 1689

The snow fort was here just one week earlier.

IMG 1595

Some kind of tube





You took your first ride on the Trek Ride-Behind that our friends gave us.  You loved it!


We went to go see a Pow Wow on campus.  We met up with your BFF while we were there.

IMG 1602


IMG 1603


You and your dad played with Legos a lot.

IMG 1656

We even went to Kansas City and visited Legoland.

Lego animals

Sea of Legos

Tree plane

You're very creative.  I love how you put trees on your airplane.

Your dad enjoyed Legoland too.

Car ramp


Getting tired

Mommy ran a race the next day.  It was 44.4 miles long and very hard.


We ate dinner that night at a vegan restaurant inside what may have been a Buddhist temple.  You liked it because there were toys.

Bear hug


You insisted on sleeping with Mommy the night of the race.  I loved it because I got to hold you in my arms all night long.  You were so sweet and cuddly.

You had your first homework assignment this month.  You had to count the letters in your name and then write down that number.  You counted the letters in W-I-L-L and correctly got 4.  But instead of writing the number 4, you decided to draw a picture of a house.  I thought that was great.

You have been practicing handwriting at school and planting seeds in a greenhouse.  You also continue to learn Spanish and new yoga poses.  One evening when I got there to pick you up, you noticed that the class guinea pig, Patches, was out of water.  You said, "Oh no, Patches need water!"  And you ran over to tell your teacher.  She had you help fill up Patches' water bottle and put it in his cage.  I was so proud of you that I cried.  It would have been a long night for Patches if everybody had gone home without noticing that he needed water.  You saved that animal's life.

William, we have had an amazing month!  You are becoming a very sweet, very conscientious little boy.  I love your personality!  I look forward to each and every minute I get to spend with you!


Your mom

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Anonymous said...

Dear WILL~~~~~~ANOTHER EXCITING ADVENTURE THIS pAST MONTH for you and mommy and daddy!!!!We always LOVE seeing the pictures of your adventure ,too!!!!! Wonder what this next month will have for excitement!!! Can't wait to read all about it !!! You are a good and sweet little boy~~ We LOVE YOU and MISS YOU<<<<< luv, paw paw and maw maw nan