Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear William (31 months)

Dear William

Today you are 31 months old!  This past month you took your first ever international trip.The entire family unit went to Nicaragua, to visit the village where your mama studied howler monkeys for a year.  Your dad ran an ultra marathon called Fuego y Agua.  It was intense.  You can read all about it here, here, here, here and here!

The thing I loved most about this whole trip was seeing the way you interacted with others.  You don't have a shy bone in your body, William.  You don't know a stranger.  Everyone is your friend.  My first indication was when we were on the ferry going to Ometepe and you saw a little girl about your age.  You announced to me, "I GO PLAY WITH BABY," and that is exactly what you did.  You are adorable.  For the rest of the trip you played with everyone you met.  You learned a few spanish words.  Caballo, agua, and vamos were (and still are) some of your favorite things to say.


Making friends

By the dock


You loved Nicaragua, William.  I can't wait until we go back.  I am already planning to take you backpacking through Central America during your summer vacations from school.


A few other things have happened this month:

You figured out how to ride a tricycle.  You've been riding a trike for a while now, but by running your feet along the ground, Fred Flinstone style.  It was only recently that you decided to use the pedals.


You are a bit dramatic (though that is nothing new).  Instead of saying that you don't want to do something right now, you frequently add the qualifier anymore.  For example, "I NO POOP ON POTTY ANYMORE!" Or, "I NO PUT ON SHOES ANYMORE!"  Or, "I NO EAT APPLE ANYMORE!"  Speaking of eating, you are still a difficult eater.  But sometimes you eat cinnamon toast:

Cinnamon toast


You still love dinosaurs.

He lets out a mighty ROAR


You have a fear of rabbits. About 75% of the time you cry in the night and end up joining us in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I ask you why you don't want to sleep in your own bed and you say, "I SCAREDA RABBIT. HE UP ON DA HILL." Not sure where you got that from. The other day you had a rough nap time and didn't end up sleeping. I asked you why, and you cited your fear of rabbits again, except this time you added, "I GOTTA ALLIGATOR IN MY BELLY." Hm.

Whether you sleep in your own bed or in "Mommy Daddy Bed" (as you call it), you require quite an entourage:


(Your dad bought you Sully and Wazowski after we got back from Nicaragua! Aren't you lucky!)


Oh, and your dad got a new car this month.  I am calling it the "Family Roadster."  You have ridden in it once, I think, but I never have yet!  Maybe next month.



We love you, William!




Your mom :)


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happy 31st month birthday!! you are getting soooo big now!!!!! we always love reading about your latest adventures, and you really HAD a HUGE one in February!!! everywhere you go, and everyone you meet fall in love with you! You're such a charmer!!! Love you and MISS YOU!! pawpaw and maw ma nan