Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear William (30 months!)


Dear William,

Today you are 30 months old!  That is 2-1/2 years!  It is your half birthday, hooray!!

What a busy month you had.

We went up to visit your Aunt and Uncle and Cousins.  You had so much fun playing cars and dinosaurs with your cousin Logan!  While we were there, it was kind of funny because you kept calling Logan "Anton."  I guess you got him confused with your BFF (who is also blonde!).  Once you got mad at Logan because he was playing with a toy you wanted (it was his toy, William), and you said, "Stop it, Anton."  I about fell over laughing.  But after we got home from that trip, you were very sad and you kept asking "Where Logan go?"  You still tell me that you want to go back to Logan's house.  We will, someday, Wiliam, just not right now.


We went on some more hikes this month:

Will & Meli

Guys hiking

You like hiking so much that we sometimes even hike indoors:

Will's in the pack

We had a snowstorm. You looked out the window in the morning and gasped and said, "It snowed!" You got to wear your snow boots to school that day.



You got a train table!  You love building train tracks.  You say, "Chugga chugga CHOO CHOO!"

Choo choo


Your grandparents came and we went to go see Sesame Street Live at the Opera House.  You loved it!!  You sang along to all the songs.

Sesame Street Live

You showed your belly (I'm not quite sure why):

Sesame Street Live


Sesame Street Live


You had plenty of time to act silly this month!

Acting silly


Your dad got glasses!

Will & Daddy


Well, William, that's about it for this month.  The good news is, we've got a really exciting adventure planned for next month!  In just a few days we're getting on a plane and flying to Nicaragua, where your mama is going to catch up with some monkeys and friends, and your daddy is going to run the Fuego y Agua ultramarathon!  I can't wait to take you to Nicaragua.  You are going to have so much fun.  All of our friends are so excited to meet you!

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures to come!

Love always,

Your mom



amypfan said...

Lots of adventures this month! I especially love the cousins picture.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading about all your NEW and EXCITING adventures this past month!!! It was a very busy and fun month!!! Getting to meet and play with cousin Logan , was lots of fun!! Listening to you and Logan giggle was sweet music to my ears!! This adventure you are on right now, has to TOP them all.. So 'we'll' be waiting to hear all about it when you return!!! miss you and LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH!! grama nan and paw paw