Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fuego y agua

In case you missed it on Twitter or Facebook, the Ragfields are going back to Nicaragua.

Rob has decided he is going to run the 50 Km Fuego y Agua Ultramarathon, on La Isla de Ometepe, on February 18th.  Part of the race includes climbing up (and back down) Volcan Maderas.  I climbed the volcano once in my lifetime, and it is not something I would be eager to repeat.

I wasn't going to go with him, but then I got message from Eduardo, and I couldn't not go.

Currently trying to avoid thinking about how many diapers to take and what to do when Will inevitably refuses to eat, or worse yet-- if someone gets sick.



Anonymous said...

beautiful picture! I'll TRY not worry!!!>:( may all the roads be SMOOTH and THE WATERS SMOOTH and the FLIGHTS Smooth.... and the FOOD 'plentiful! happy trails to another RAGFIELD ADVENTURE!!!!! Can't wait to hear /read' all about his when you return!!! hugs , and love to all, gwama nan

Anonymous said...

try "it" NOT his~~ ! sorry, :(

Alena said...

Melissa, don't worry! Adventures are always fun, even if some things go less smoothly. I hope you'll stay healthy and enjoy your trip!