Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear William (Things that are great about you)

I started writing this List of Things About William That Are Great back in October, but I never got around to finishing it, so I never posted it on the blog.  I came across it just now and it made me nostalgic in both a happy and sad sort of way... He's outgrown some of these things already.  I guess it is time to post this one and then start a new list.


Dear William,

While I am thinking about it, I just wanted to write down some Things That Are Great About You so that I remember them always.

-- The funny face you make when I am trying (largely unsuccessfully) to brush your teeth.

-- How you stand up at the baby gate and watch me make dinner.

-- How you put your arms around me when I am rocking you to sleep.

-- How you smile at me and say "mama" sometimes.  I think you might actually realize that mama is my name.  Though you are equally likely to smile at me and say "dada" or "tata."

-- The way your voice sounds when you say "Uh oh"

-- The way you try to feed us your food.

-- The sound of your laughter.

-- How cute you look in a hat.

-- The way you open your mouth really big to take a bite out of a banana.

--You were even great that time you were sick and sleeping in bed with us and woke me up in the middle of the night by puking on my face.

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