Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dear William (19 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 19 months old!  The last couple of weeks have been full of a lot of changes.

First off, I think you are done nursing.  You nursed about a week ago... last Sunday morning when you were crying and fussy (cause I think your teeth hurt).  I was trying to put away laundry, so I stopped and nursed you a little bit, and then you felt better.  You haven't seemed to concern yourself with nursing since then, so I was thinking that was it, until today when you just wouldn't stop crying (more teeth coming in), and I let you nurse again for a few minutes.  So we are probably done with it, but maybe not completely done.  We'll see.  In some ways it would be nice to be done with nursing, but in other ways it makes me kind of sad.  The sadness mainly comes from the realization that you are growing up and I am so baffled about how you went from this tiny crying thing to a great big giant boy like you are now(often still crying).


The second biggest change is that you go to bed on your own now.  One night, your dad decided to see what happened if he just lay you down in your crib with seahorse and tip toed out of the room.  You screamed and cried.  For maybe 2 minutes.  And then you were completely silent!  We've been doing that ever since.  Last night you didn't even cry when we put you in your crib; you just cuddled seahorse and went nigh nigh.


You seem to be off rice and beans, which has been your staple food for something like 6 months now.  All of a sudden you just don't want it anymore.  Your latest thing is cold rotini noodles dipped in hummus.  Yuck.


Well William, your little friend Anton is visiting this weekend.  Do you remember him?  His mama was in my yoga group and you first met them when you were only a week or two old.  Anyway, my point is, we've got company, so I have to cut this letter short!



Hi guys

At the playground

Cue the theme music and... strut


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Anonymous said...

HAPPY 19th MONTH BIRTHDAY WILLIAM~~~ How the time flies, you are growing up so quickly and doing soooo many new things~~~ You are changing so much , from that baby , to a LITTLE TODDLER !!! we must ALL adjust ! :( no matter your age, you will always be a CHARMER!! we LOVE you and look forward to come visiting soon~~~ pawpaw and grama, rags