Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear William (25 Things About You)

Will's daycare is making a collage or something, and they sent us home with a card that has his picture on it and we're supposed to write down 25 things about him on that card.  Rob said, "This is really more of your kind of thing," (so true) and handed the card off to me.

It is probably good that I had to sit down and write 25 Things About William because we had a pretty rough day yesterday, and I needed to take a minute and remember how wonderful he is.  Will loves to throw things, which is great if they are lightweight or are meant to be thrown... not so great if they are hard and hit you in the face.  He was sitting next to me on the couch yesterday reading and talking on his (toy) cell phone, [Will loves to sit on the couch] when all of a sudden he hauled off and threw his cell phone at me.  It hit me right on the brow ridge (superciliary arch, for the anthropologists) and somehow then ricocheted to the bridge of my nose.  You know how in cartoons when a character gets hit in the head with something, they show stars or little tweeting birds circling the head? I think that actually happened.  Jebus, it hurt.  I screamed in pain and then couldn't talk; all the while, William sat there on the couch, laughing.  It continued to hurt really bad for the rest of the day, and now it still hurts more than 24 hours later.  My nose is actually worse than my brow ridge, and I am kind of worried it is broken.  The bridge of my nose is swollen and red (what a sight that is), and hurts to touch.  Come to think of it, it kind of hurts to breathe too.  I tried to blow my  nose earlier in the day, and was that ever a mistake.  I hope that I do not have to sneeze any time soon.  So, I wonder what happens to you if you have a broken nose?  And in particular, if you do not seek any medical treatment for said broken nose.  It's not like they would put a cast on it... would they?  I hope I don't end up with a crooked nose as a result of this incident.

Anyway, I figured as long as I am coming up with 25 Things About William, I might as well put it on the blog.  So here goes.

Dear William,

1. You have beautiful blue eyes (the color of Lake Nicaragua)

2. You have ticklish knees

3. Your favorite food is rice and beans

4. You love vanilla soymilk

5. You love to eat Clif Bars.

6. You love to read

7. You love to sit on the couch between your mama and daddy

8. You give great hugs

9. You can be very stubborn (like your mama)

10. You can go from happy to mad in 1 second!

11. You love to wear your shoes

12. You like going on walks

13. You like to stack blocks and knock them over too!

14. You get very excited to eat your favorite foods

15. You love pushing things with wheels (wagon, cart, tricycle)

16. You like to play ball

17. You can be very silly

18. You like to throw things

19. You like to make noise

20. You lovepeek-a-boo

21. You like to Hop on Pop

22. You can find your nose

23. You LOVEto dance

24. You look like your daddy

25. You love to go to daycare!


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Anonymous said...

ahhhh dear Wills, grampa and grama rags, love ALL those many , many things about you too~~~ You are a JOY AND DELIGHT to all of us-- just wish you lived CLOSER so we could see you much oftener~ but you can always video chat with us, anytime you want~~~~ keep entertaining mama and daddy, but maybe you could be a BIT more gentle when you THROW something??? poor mama!!! hugs and LOVE to all~~grama nan