Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I retract my last entry. Today I questioned them about the Cheez-Its, and they said no, he had not eaten them. He had pretzels instead. It was a mistake that they had written Cheez-Its in his daily information sheet (I hadn't noticed that it said Cheez-Its until I was on my way home); the other children were having Cheez-Its, but William was having pretzels.

They did call me this afternoon, kind of nervous and apologetic sounding, to tell me that he had accidentally gotten ahold of some Nilla Wafers at snack time. (Nilla Wafers contain milk protein). I told them thanks for letting me know.

It's a good day care, really. It is the best we could ever hope for. Well, it ought to be. It costs an arm and a leg and at least one kidney to send him there. It is the kind of place where parents send their kids so that they can build up a "portfolio" and get into a private school and then go on to an ivy league college, where they will graduate and get some high-paying crappy job in order to pay off their student loans. I feel way out of my element. But the staff is so nice, super nice. I really like them. And there are a lot of perks. They're very flexible and understanding about dietary issues (despite my complaint yesterday); they even do cloth diapers. They call me over every little thing (in fact, I can generally expect at least one call every day, just to update me on something). And they send almost daily emails with photos of what Will is doing. It's really nice. If I have to send my kid somewhere, I'm glad it's there.

story time.jpg

Today, Will seemed to enjoy "story time," after going for a buggy ride. When I arrived to pick him up, they were listening to the Beatles, which is his favorite group.

I want him to stay pure and healthy and vegan, but also, it breaks my heart if he wants a Nilla Wafer but can't have it because it has milk protein in it.

Evaluating my priorities. Deciding which battles to fight.


Anonymous said...

He sure seems like a happy boy. Don't change tooooo much. Just keep him happy!!!
Grandma Barb

Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooo~k~~~~~, first of all WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS LITTLE BOY WILLIAM is~~~ that picture speaks a thousand words,,,,,,, LOVE, love love it~~~ now about the FOOD issues, etc....... all's I can say about that is~SOMEDAY, you will wish your biggest battle is WORRYING if he's gonna eat a NILLA WAFER~~ I know you are doing THE BEST YOU CAN< ' in keeping his little life pure and healthy,, and that's WONDERFUL>> however,,, keep the words of your grama florence in your head,, //// "oooo, it was only 1"~~~~~ 1 nut, 1 squirt of lemon.// and so on..... the old adage, a LITTLE of anything in moderation will be ok~so don't stress over the little things and stay HAPPY with your career , your BOYS. and FALL that is coming~~~ love to all, and DON"T worry soooo much, you know I DO ENOUGH TO COVER FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY~~~( I have NOTHING else to do) >:) luv and hugs to all, mama

Cathy said...

Oreos are milk free!