Saturday, January 9, 2016

December 2015 Mileage and Year in Review

December 2015 was very much unlike the last, when I was chasing a mileage goal and running around in the dark like a pre-dawn zombie. It was a good thing I wasn't down to the wire, because we got a snow storm on Thanksgiving that has made putting in big miles an ankle-busting, time consuming challenge ever since.  I hit 1500 for the year sometime early in the month, and then ran very little to taper for Across The Years.

This picture Rob took of me, crossing the 100 mile mark at Across The Years (walking and wearing my winter coat), pretty much sums up the entire year:

I still have absolutely no idea how I did it.

228.78 miles for December.  1681.56 miles for the year.  The last week of December (102 miles) was my highest ever mileage week; the entire month was my highest ever mileage month, and 2015 was my highest ever mileage year.  Not sure, just yet, what 2016 will bring.

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Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! what else can I say? I know how,you did it! YOU have it in your genes " !!!! GRITTY!! A bit GUTSY!! and very DETERMINED! And a bit "headstrong." , !!!! ( don't know where THAT gene came from!?) What a year!!! Congrats!!! And puhleeeeze rest! A BIT! now!!! your very tired mama🛏😴Luv and hugs