Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear William (77 months)

Dear William,
Today you are 77 months old.

The big stories this month were snow, more snow, Star Wars, and Christmas.

Snow shoes were necessary.

We braved the elements to go see Episode VII as soon as school got out for Winter Break.
It was excellent.

You were very excited for Christmas.

You had a tough time sleeping on Christmas Eve.

We stayed at home for Christmas this year.  There was a full moon and snow on the ground.

You loved waking up at home on Christmas morning and opening your gifts!

The X-Wing costume was the thing you had asked me for, and you looked adorable in it.
You gave me a Rey and BB-8 doll, because you said you thought I needed something to play with.  Thank you, William.  I love it.  It was very sweet of you to think of me.

I made us a fancy vegan dinner of "roast beast" and roasted vegetables.  And stuffing and mashed potatoes.  And gravy.  And pineapple for our fruit.  And peppermint brownies for our dessert.  It was very good.

Lego Rey and her speeder in the background.

So much for a relaxing Christmas at home.  Just two days afterwards, we packed up and hit the road for Arizona.

We finally got in to Arches National Park.

Utah is rad.

We also got to see the Grand Canyon, I think.  It was hard to say, because of all the tourists.  But one of them was nice and took a picture of us.

You are wild and precious.

Arizona wasn't as warm as we'd been hoping (it was, in fact, frigid), but unlike Mommy, you didn't complain.

Mommy and Daddy both ran 24 hour races, on different days but on the same track.  You helped cheer us on.

You were there with me early in the morning when I crossed the finishing mat with 100.78 miles.  Both of us were crying, but for different reasons.  Thank you, William, for coming to Arizona for Across The Years.

On our way back home, we visited the Painted Desert.

Arizona is rad.

Then we got another snow storm in Colorado.  Mommy is so tired of this winter.  So tired, and so very, very cold.

You don't mind the cold as much.  You had your first hockey lesson.  You were so brave.  I have never been prouder of you for trying so hard.

For reasons I will never be able to comprehend, you and your father continue to enjoy the snow.

You two did this for hours.

The next morning you said, "Mama, you get in the sleigh, and I'll pull you!"

I took you to Hughes Stadium, and we made our own "bunny slope" on the big sledding hill.  You had so. much. fun.

This month you were brave about tasting some Brussel's sprouts, but it turned out you really don't like them.

Something you found you do like, though, is building circuits.

I'm not really sure what this is.  You got it for Christmas.
William, you are the best kid on this earth, and don't ever forget that.

Love always,

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Anonymous said...

Your mama is right!! You ARE the BESTEST and SWEETEST little boy ever!!! we loved seeing all your pictures of a very EXCITING DECEMBER!!!! So happy Santa found you for christmas!!! aLso Looks like it is GOOD you like SNOW and COLD!! Very wintry cold pictures!!!! Have fun at your hockey lessons!! we miss you ! Sending you a big hug and buckets of LOVE!!! Pawpaw and grama nan��