Friday, June 12, 2015

Dear William (70 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 70 months old!  And it is summer vacation!!

We started celebrating before school was even out for the summer with a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and some Big Mountains.  The trails were still covered with snow at Bear Lake, but that didn't stop us.

You and dad.

Dream Lake

Looking out at Longs

We followed that up with a long weekend in Utah over Memorial Day.

Utah was A M A Z I N G.  And also crazy.

You saw some dinosaur tracks.
Dinosaur tracks

And some arches.

We walked hand-in-hand.

We slept in a B E A U T I F U L place.
Utah golden hour


Your bunk in the pop-up tent. We are wondering how much longer you will fit in there.

In the morning, we went for a hike.


Taking a break
This is my favorite picture of you, ever. The expression on your face is so resolute. I want a copy of this to hang on my office wall.

You got tired and told us you didn't feel good.
Feeling sick

Then you threw up. It was time to leave Utah.

We got home just in time for you to finish up kindergarten.

At the All-School Barbecue. I packed you homemade vegan pizza, cantaloupe, and carrots/broccoli because I am pretty sure you are the only v*egan kid in this entire school district.

Last time at the playground with your friends!
They misspelled your name on your kindergarten completion certificate.  That pretty much sums up your experience in the education system thus far.

Needless to say, you are SO EXCITED that school is out for the summer.

We have been making the most of it.

Back yard
Backyard camp out.

Reading a book about the moon, under an almost-full moon.  You still love the moon, stars, planets and all things outer space.  We have spent many hours reading astronomy books.
Running through the sprinkler. "You don't see that face too often outside the Tour de France," your dad said.

Our new neighborhood has a community pool, which may be the Best Thing Ever.

Westridge Trail, Lory State Park
Morning ride

Chocolate face
I love your curly hair, but it's harder to wash when it's that long.  You finally agreed to let me cut it, so long as we kept the rat tail in back.

We went on another camping trip last weekend, this time to State Forest State Park near Gould, CO.  You discovered that you love looking through my binoculars.  We saw a fox together.

I spy

Golden hour at State Forest State Park

When we got home from camping, you started a four-day soccer camp at Rocky Mountain High School.  You had a great time, but I think what you enjoyed most about it was that they gave you popsicles for a snack.

So far, this has been the Best Summer Ever, and it has only just begun.  We have been having the most fun together, and I am looking forward to every single day.

I love you so much, William!



Anonymous said...

O BOY!! THe many faces of Will!!! loved all the wonderful pictures of you, and seeing the pictures of everything you have been doing ! You are now a first grader!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We wish you a very fun filled and happy summer!!! Miss you. ,sending a big hug and lots of love! paw paw and grama nan

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, William, on your graduation from Kindergarten to First Grade. I think you're going to LOVE first grade. And am also thinking you may be asked to teach some of the classes ... probably math and science!! You are very smart about those things!! Have a wonderfully fun summer playing in your beautiful Colorado mountains!! love, Great Auntie!!