Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dear William (68 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 68 months old!

In case you ever think I didn’t do enough for you, I’d like to remind you that this month, I crawled through the grocery store on my hands and knees to find the tiny light saber that fell out of Luke Skywalker’s hand while we were shopping.

I found it.

IMG 4874


Also, I helped you with your homework.



The school says you read “at grade level,” but in truth, you are smarter than them all. 

IMG 4909


You had spring break.  All the other parents were going stir crazy with their kids at home and couldn’t wait for school to start back up again.  I completely can’t relate to them, not even a little bit.  I love every single moment I get to spend with you.

IMG 4857

We hiked the Horsetooth Falls trail on a cloudy day.  We only made it halfway (if that even) because all I had brought for you to snack on was 3 granola bars, which you had devoured by that time.



You did some “trail running” with Daddy at Bobcat Ridge.

IMG 4924


You liked it so much that you insisted we go back as a family the following weekend.

Family hike


We followed a trail that led to an historic cabin.  It wasn’t really all that much to look at, but for whatever reason, the cabin really impressed you.  Except you couldn’t remember its name.  Afterwards, you kept asking, “What was that thing I hiked to called again?  A cabinet?"

Jedi cabin


We’re still in the process of moving to our “new” house, but we took some walks in the old neighborhood.  I will miss the dirt trails that led practically from our front door to to the mountains.  But I guess we won’t be too far away, and besides, there are other dirt trails in our new neighborhood.  That’s the thing about Fort Collins, I guess.

IMG 4968 Walking through the “old” neighborhood.  


We had April Fool’s Day, and you fooled your dad.  Although I suppose the old “there’s a moose in the back yard” joke isn’t quite as far fetched now that we are Coloradans.

Moose in the back yard


You tried some new things this month, such as roller skating (sort of).

 Attempting roller skating


But the biggest thing of all, the thing I was beginning to think would never happen, was that you learned to ride your bike!!

IMG 4942

I am so proud of you, William.  You are the bravest kid I know.  I had all but given up hoping that you would ever ride a bike.  We had been trying, unsuccessfully, for about 2 years to warm you up to the idea of a bicycle, but you wanted no part of it.  I should have known.  You do things on your own time.  You didn’t walk until you were almost 16 months old.  You’ve never done things when the books or the internet or the “experts" say you should.  It has never bothered you if the other kids your age are doing something and you still don’t want to.  You do it when you are ready.  And this month, you decided to ride your bike. 


William's first bike ride from Melissa Raguet-Schofield on Vimeo.


You finished out the month with your first ever trip to the doctor for an illness (you’ve only ever been for check ups before), which turned out to be your first ever ear infection, for which they prescribed you your first ever round of antibiotics.  I’m wary of antibiotics for things that might be viral rather than bacterial, especially if these things will resolve themselves so long as you rest and drink lots of fluids, but you’d been battling bravely for 4 days with no relief.  By the evening after you’d taken your first ever dose of amoxycillin, you were back to your usual happy self.  

IMG 4869

William, it has been quite a month.  I am so proud of you for all you are.

Love always,





Anonymous said...

Dear William ~~~ you have been a very. busy boy this month!! loved reading about all you did. except for,the part where you got sick! we feel so sad you aren't feeling good. but, hopefully you will be soon!!! we are sooooo. proud of you learning to zoom. around on your bike',, yeaaaaa! Wills!!! you will have a new place to ride when you get moved!! when we come visit , we will watch you!! hugs and luv~~. 😘 pawpaw and grama nan

amypfan said...

The light saber... You are a good mom, Melissa! And perhaps William would like to teach Bryn to ride her bike, because at age 9, she's still resisting (she loved it with training wheels, but when she outgrew that one, she refused to learn to ride one without, and now we're stuck). Love you guys!!