Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014 Mileage: Meh

October was just… meh.

Technically speaking, I suppose I set a 50K PR (just 2 weeks after setting a 50 mile PW), but it was the only 50K I’ve ever run, so I guess that was kind of to be expected.  And also technically speaking, I was the first female finisher.  But with only 2 women running the race, it really could have gone either way.  So.

IMG 4294


After the Boulder 50K, my tibia definitely hurt.  I didn’t really care though.  In fact, I had kind of done this on purpose.  Rob was going to be out of town for 2 weeks, during which William had Fall Break (no school), and that meant no childcare/no running for at least a week of it. 

Why is there an inexplicable dearth of women in ultra running again?  Right.  Whatever.

During this time, Rob won (and broke his own course record) in a 50K and finished in the top 5 in a 5 mile race.  Huzzah.

I hoped all the forced time off would take care of my tibia, but unfortunately it still kind of hurts.  Like, I can sort of run, but not far or fast.  KT tape and compression socks help somewhat, but after dealing with this injury for nearly 10 months, no amount of rest or even ibuprofen have made it completely go away.  I’m frustrated, and I don’t want to take this into 2015 with me.

95.95 in October.  1195.86 year to date. 



Anonymous said...

Try some COCONUT OIL!!! 😉hugs mama

Melissa said...

Thanks mom, this wins the Comment Awards.