Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dear William (63 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 63 months old!

Daddy was out of town for about two weeks this month, so you and me were on our own for a while.  

We climbed Horsetooth Falls, which at this time of year is really more about the journey.

IMG 4129 Is that a waterfall?

IMG 4132

We went to the CSU Homecoming parade and found a bounce house (you love bounce houses).

IMG 4137

We did some school work.

IMG 4141

You often convinced me to let you stay at the playground after school for a while.

IMG 4155


On more than one occasion, you convinced me to let you eat a banana in the bathtub.

IMG 4159


You made a few messes.

IMG 4161


We went to a Halloween party at the Gardens on Spring Creek.  It was, like, 80 degrees that day.

IMG 4163


Bike parking was at a premium.

IMG 4166


Then our friend Mel came to visit!! We were so happy to see her.

IMG 4180

We took a long drive and went hiking in the Poudre Canyon.

IMG 4197


IMG 4205


We went out to dinner on a school night, at a Nepalese restaurant.  You were thrilled about eating naan and drinking orange juice.

IMG 4212


We were very sad when it was time for her to go.

IMG 4252 Don’t go, Mel.


But soon enough, Daddy came back home.

IMG 4257


And then it was time for Halloween.  You decided to wear your C3PO costume from last year.  Hooray!



There was a parade at school.

IMG 4266

IMG 4267


Even the teachers dressed up.

IMG 4268

IMG 4270


Then you had a room party.

IMG 4277 IMG 4278


We did some light trick or treating that night. 

These aren't the droids you're looking for


This month, you surprised your mom and dad by showing us your fierce and fearless love for bouldering.





Mt. Margaret Trail

Mt. Margaret Trail

Mt. Margaret Trail
Arthurs RockArthur’s Rock

It has started to get cold out, but you and daddy bundled up and still biked to school.

IMG 4325 IMG 4288

We finished out this month with a crazy snow storm and a few days of below-zero temperatures.  Welcome to Colorado, everybody says.  You and your dad still rode the bike.

IMG 4328


If this is any indication of what winter here is like, well then, I guess I am very much looking forward to when it is over.  Sometime next May.


William, I love you through and through.

 IMG 4299

Love always,




IMG 4259 Your school picture.




Anonymous said...

WOW!! You had many exciting adventures this month!! we loved seeing all the pictures! Especially the ones with you in them!!!! We were happy daddy made a quick stop to see us when he was back. In IL!! He brought us a very special Picture of you!! Your first school picture! we love looking at it !! If the SNOW has already started. Maybe daddy should add a scoop on the front of his bike , so he can clear a path for you to school!!!! Have a great month, looking forward to your adventures ahead!! Luv and hugs! Grama nan and paw paw

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