Monday, February 3, 2014

You're Vegan, What Do You Eat: Pasta with Lentils, Mushrooms, and Greens

I have been craving very simple foods lately and in particular, eating a lot of spinach and mushrooms.  A couple weeks ago I came up with this dish while I was rooting around in the fridge, wondering what to eat for lunch.  We had some leftover lentils that I wanted to use up, along with some spinach, mushrooms, and bow tie pasta.  

So I heated some Earth Balance (vegan butter) in a skillet and sautéed several cloves of chopped garlic, then added the spinach and mushrooms.  When that was nicely cooked, I stirred in the lentils with a bit of sea salt and heated it through.  Then I put the whole thing overtop the leftover bow tie pasta.  It was A*MA*ZING.

I decided to recreate this meal tonight for dinner.  It was a bit of a risk, since Rob does not like mushrooms, and Will only eats his pasta plain.  Worst case scenario:  more for me.

IMG 2851

This time I decided to mix things up a little and use beet greens instead of spinach.  The reason?  I had just bought some beets and didn’t want the greens to go to waste.  Also?  Beet greens = super nutritious


IMG 2857

Will refused to eat any of the topping, so he (as per usual) had his pasta plain (drizzled with olive oil).  (NB: He also ate an apple and some broccoli and cauliflower).  Rob said it was okay but “a little heavy on the mushrooms.”  That sounds about right.

I could have eaten about 10 pounds of this in one sitting (it is that good), but I used restraint and there is enough left over for lunch tomorrow.  Yum.

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