Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear William (54 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 54 months old.  That’s 4-and-a-half years!  Yippee!

It has been a month of costumes.

We started out with a birthday party for one of your old friends from school.  Her parents rented out the movie theater at the mall so that you guys could watch Wreck-It Ralph together, and then for the party afterwards, you got to wear top hats and mustaches.


You remain completely enamored with all things superhero.  I have made you many, many superhero costumes this month.  You must be wearing a superhero costume at all times.

First we have Captain America, complete with shield.

IMG 2795


And of course, your fave, Superman.

IMG 2797


Sometimes you make things easy on me by repurposing old Halloween costumes, such as Woody.

IMG 2835


Other times, you combine costumes to come up with your own cool superheros, such as this Super C3P0 Man.

IMG 2812


And Spiderman Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz Spider-year


You also decided to wear underwear on the outside of your clothes, like Superman does, apparently.

IMG 2891


And also Batman.

IMG 2896


You even got your dad (I mean Mr. Incredible) in on the action.

IMG 2840I’m not sure who you are supposed to be in this picture.  Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle with black mask, Superman logo, monkey gloves, and house slippers?


Aside from all our costume fun (and multiple costume changes each day) we re-enacted some movie scenes this month, including the Mr. Potato Head tortilla scene from Toy Story 3.

IMG 2834


You are a barrel of laughs. You said some funny things this month:

We got very creative with all of the home days we had this month. Check it out — we built a fake moon landing site. (Didn’t mama do an awesome job painting the stars and planet Earth?!)

IMG 2809


We tried to do some other educational stuff too, like with letters and shapes and numbers.  Play-dough helped make it more fun.

IMG 2800


We also worked on reading and writing.  I got really excited because I thought I taught you how to read, but then I realized you aren’t reading so much as you are just really, really good at memorizing things.

We finished out the month with a trip to The Butterfly House with your friend Baby Skye (we love him) and his mama.

IMG 2903


You were terrified of the eye-spots on this butterfly.

Butterfly House


You were terrified of all the butterflies, even though shortly before our trip (see above), you told me that butterflies were your favorite animal.

Butterfly House
Butterfly House


William, we have had so much fun this month.  I love being with you every day and playing all day long.  You are amazing.  You are the best there ever was.  In some ways you are so grown up and independent (You can fix your own snack! You can get yourself a glass of water! You can write the words Mom, Dad and Will!).  But in other ways you are still little.  You get scared sometimes (bad dreams about crocodiles or butterflies) and almost every night you come join us because you don’t want to be in your room all alone.

I don’t mind at all.  I’ll hold you close as long as I can.

Love always,


Thumbs up

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Anonymous said...

happy half birthday William,!!! 4 1/2 .you are growing up soooooooo fast!!You are like ALL the SUPER HEROS together, , AMAZING!! You are OUR SUPER HERO!! It is fun to read about all your many adventures. ENJOY every day, and always stay golden,,,,, we love you, paw paw and grama nan