Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear William (50 months)

Dear William,

You are 50 months old today!  


We did some hiking this month.  You and Mommy hiked together on the trails inside Kennedy Forest at Forest Park, and we picked up some trash as we went along.

IMG 2322


The whole family went hiking at Castlewood:


You experimented with a few different ways of wearing a Buff Headband:


IMG 2327


You drew a picture of an Interrupting Cow (pictured here in purple).

IMG 2336


You gave me a stern look because I told you that you couldn't eat chocolate animal crackers for dinner.

IMG 2342


We have cuddle time before bed.  You arrange pillows into a "house," and then invite me in to play.  You fix me pretend food, like carrots and pizza.

This little piggy


Sometimes you really do eat carrots and pizza.



We took a trip up to Aunt Michelle's and Uncle Mark's, and you got to play with your cousins Logan and Mackenna.  Logan was so nice about sharing his toys with you!

Rock 'em



Sometimes I had trouble telling you and Logan apart:


Identical cousins!


Sometimes you had trouble telling me and Aunt Michelle apart.  My short hair helped distinguish us, though.



We took a family portrait.



It will be a while before we see Aunt Michelle, Uncle Mark, and Cousins Logan and Mackenna again.  They are moving to Ireland.  We are happy for them, but sad that they will be so far away.  I guess we'd better find your passport and dust it off.  Maybe we can take a trip to go visit them sometime!  Won't that be fun?

You got to see Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bruce this month too.  You showed them some of your new tats.



You were really excited about riding your bike to a friend's birthday party last weekend.

IMG 2353


At the party, you got to pick out your own super-hero cupcake.  You chose the Incredible Hulk.



William, we've had an incredible month.  You just get sweeter and sweeter.  The other day you said, "Mama, I have a secret to tell you," and I asked you what it was.  You ran over to me, cupped your hands over my ear, and whispered, "I love you very much."  I am pretty sure that right there was the best moment of my life.


Looking forward to more cuddles and hugs.



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Anonymous said...

DEAR WILLIAM< WHAT a WONDERFUL FUN month you had!!! 4 years have gone by in a blink for us, you are growing up sooo quickly!!!! Before you know it , you will be 16 and DRIVING here to visit us!!! WOW!!! Loved all the family photos......... we had so much fun having our 3 precious grand children all in the same place . You and mama and daddy continue to have an amazing adventure , and tell mama to keep writing about it , so we can keep up with all the busy things you do....... STAY SWEET and GOLD!!!! we love you~~ paw paw and grama nan