Monday, August 12, 2013

Dear William (48 months!)

Dear William,

Today you are 4 years old! Happy Birthday!

What an amazing year.

It is so hard for me to believe that you are 4 already. For you, maybe the time passes slowly, but for me, it goes by in the blink of an eye. It really does feel like just yesterday, you were a tiny baby in my arms.

You are so grown up in so many ways, and getting more and more self sufficient, but I love that you still want me to hold you and rock you and hug and kiss you. I love that your primary motive in life is to get me to sleep in your bed with you, or for you to sleep in mine. We usually try very hard to get you to sleep in your own bed by yourself, but here's a secret William: I would sleep with you in my arms every night if I could! It's just that after you go to bed, that's when I have to do things like fold laundry and clean up the kitchen. And also, you snore. So we don't sleep together that often. But every once and a while, it is nice.

We did a lot this month. We started it out by having some visitors: Amy MeyPfan and 3 of her kids! We had a great weekend visiting friends, going to the Science Center, and going to the zoo.

FriendsTrain controlsRoller coasterScience Center

You played outside a lot this month.

Car blanketTrack starSprinkler

It has been pretty hot out (but not nearly as hot as last year!), and one day it was hot enough that we baked cookies on the dashboard of the Prius.

Dashboard cookies

Another day, you and I took the train downtown and had a picnic by the Arch.

IMG 2141IMG 2134

You wanted to get in the Mississip'.

IMG 2135

You went running (well, you rode in the jogging stroller) with me and your dad, and we stopped along the way to see some dinosaurs.

IMG 2153

I think you may have gone on your first date this month. Our neighbor (The Baby Who Fell) asked you to come over and watch a movie with her. You got all dressed up. You two watched Monsters Inc. while her mommy and I talked.  

IMG 2130

William, we have had a great month together. You are growing up so fast! You still enjoy playing with trains and cars.  You like reading books.  I've successfully gotten you to eat cantaloupe and cauliflower, but you remain a very difficult eater.  Your hair is no longer curly.  Your eyes are the loveliest shade of blue.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLIAM MILES!  I love you through and through, and I am so excited about all the adventures we will have in the next year.

Love always,



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Anonymous said...

Dear William , Loved reading all about your adventures this past month!!! You have been a busy little boy and doing lots of interesting fun things!!!!!! We were sooo thrilled to have you come visit us and spend your '4th birthday with us. The steam engine is tucked in its box and waiting for you to come back and play ...... Looking forward to reading all about your next adventures...... BIG LUV AND HUGS, paw paw and grama nan