Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dear William (42 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 42 months old.  It's your half birthday!

This past month has gone by so fast.  But you still had time to look cute and be silly:

All aboard


We got a little bit of snow and all of us went outside to play in it!  You learned that a powder snow like this one wasn't so good for making snowballs, but you still tried anyway.

IMG 1398


You enjoyed dressing up like your favorite movie character:



You played really hard at school:

That movie star look


Your BFF came over for a play date!  The two of you had so much fun playing with your trains and cars.  I listened to you talk to each other, but I didn't understand a word.  It's like you two have developed your own twin language.

IMG 1383


And now today, on your half birthday, we are celebrating by taking a trip to Nicaragua!  Your daddy is going to run a really long, hard race called the Fuego y Agua 50K.  He ran it last year too, and we all went to cheer for him, but I'm not sure you remember.  We have been talking a lot this month about our trip to Nicaragua, and you have been getting very excited.  You have been practicing your Spanish and looking forward to riding in an airplane (and a boat, and a bus).  You helped me build a Good Luck cake for your daddy.  Stay tuned to hear all about the many adventures we are about to have!

IMG 1403




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Anonymous said...

Happy half birthday William... You sure had lots of fun this past month...... Loved seeing your pictures with all the many exciting things you have been doing...... we will be waiting to hear all about the adventures in Nicaragua! O THE PLACES YOU WILL GO~~~~~>:) we love you and MISS YOU< have a great trip~~ Hugs~~ grama nan and paw paw