Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dear William (34 months)

Dear William,

Today you were 34 months old!

You started off last month with a bang.  You had your very first night-time babysitter.  Your daddy and I went out together for the first time since you were born, and Mommy's friend Ali came to watch you.  You had a blast.  You did some crafts and sang some songs, and then you announced to her that you'd like to take a bath, so you did that.  (I had already given you a bath before she came over, but I guess you wanted another one).  Then you told her you were tired and you read some stories and went to bed.

Why don't you ever do it that easily for us, William??!!


This is where mommy and daddy were while you were doing crafts with Ali

The next morning you missed your babysitter, and you came downstairs all forlornly and looked in the kitchen cupboards and under the couch.  "OH NO, WHERE ALI GO?" You asked.

A few nights later you and mommy and daddy all went out to a movie together-- the new Chimpanzee documentary.  It was the first movie you had ever seen in a theater.  You were so excited.  You got to eat popcorn too.  You loved it.  Every time you saw a chimpanzee on the screen, you said out loud, "LOOK, A CHIMPANZEE."  And every time you saw a tree, you said, "LOOK, A TREE."  Luckily, there were only about 4 other people in the theater, and I don't think they noticed your nearly constant observations.  Then abruptly around 1 hour into the film, you got up out of your seat and said, "I GO HOME NOW."  We somehow got you to sit through the last 20 minutes of it.  Ever since then, you have been asking us to take you back to the movies.

IMG 0787

We also went strawberry picking at Eckert Orchard this month. You loved it, and you were a natural.

Strawberry picking

Train ride

Train ride

William, an amazing thing happened this month. On the morning of May 31st, you woke up and announced that you were done with diapers and you would be wearing underpants to daycare that day.

I could foresee that this would not end well, but much to my surprise, you stayed dry all day long and used the toilet every single time that you had to go.

IMG 3736

There have been a few accidents since then, but overall you are doing pretty well.

You are still love trains. The other day you asked me to draw you a train. I did, and it was the worst train I had ever seen. I started to apologize for how awful the train was (assuming you wouldn't even recognize it as a train), and you said, "OH, THAT VERY GOOD, MOMMY!"

IMG 0838

Then you drew an interesting thing beside it. I thought it was a paramecium, but you told me it was a spaceship.

IMG 0839

You played hairdresser at daycare with your favorite teacher, Mr. D. He gave you ponytails. You have insisted on ponytails ever since then:

IMG 0840

It wasn't all fun and games this month, you did throw a few fits:

IMG 0837

We're finishing out the month in San Francisco, where your daddy is attending the WWDC. We took 2 trains, 2 planes, and another train to get here.

IMG 3790

IMG 3795

IMG 0846

Our luggage got lost, but we found it again, and we have a tiny room with a tiny bed where only 1.5 of us can sleep at a time. We're taking turns sleeping on the floor. Look out, William, tonight it is your turn.

We've only been here a couple of days, but we've already visited the ocean:

IMG 3803

You created a very clever "breakfast nook" in our Tiny Room:

IMG 0855

We went to Chinatown, and you found a playground with a train, and also you made a new little friend who spoke to you in Chinese:

IMG 0859

IMG 0860

Potty training has taken a halt. I hope we can get back on track soon, William.

Looking forward to our many more adventures to come!



Your momma



Anonymous said...

Dear William, as always , I love reading about your new adventures each month!! This month has been full of LOTS of fun things!!! From picking strawberries, to 'traveling to san francisco, with mama and daddy!!! Of course, you are a well traveled little boy,,,,, and this isn't your FIRST trip to S/F~~~~~ We'll be waiting to hear all about it when you return back home!!! Miss you and love you lots~~ mawmaw nan and paw paw

amypfan said...

Potty training already? Apparently my William needs to get his act together! ;)