Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dear William (33 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 33 months old!

What a fun month you have had.

You dressed up in silly hats:

IMG 3473



You had a picnic with your dad:

IMG 3540

You stole mommy's trekking poles during a hike:

We went to a fun playground and you said, "OH THANK YOU, MOMMY. THIS IS AWESOME!"

IMG 3570

Afterwards we went out to lunch together as a family, for the first time ever. You had a kids' meal, and you actually ate most of it (rice and beans at Chipotle).

IMG 0710

You read Hop on Pop (this is long, but cute…)

Your cousin Logan sent you his old tricycle

You got your very own sleeping bag, and we went on a little camping trip to a friend's farm in rural Missouri:

IMG 3577

We had a rainstorm and you got to carry your very own umbrella:

IMG 3610

You planted a garden at daycare, but mainly you just banged your trowel against a watering can:

IMG 0716

You had a special night out with Mommy. Just the two of us had dinner at a restaurant together! You ate rice and beans like a pro at Chipotle (again)!

IMG 0721

You danced up a storm at the MoPro bike race series:

We had such a great time together this month, William! I can't wait for all the fun things in store for us!


Your mom

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Anonymous said...

Dear William,,,,,,, What a busy little boy you've been this past month!!!! It was sooo fun reading about all your adventures and see your pictures and video's....... I LOVED watching YOU Dance!!!!!!. YOU ARE VERY GOOD!!! maybe some day you will be on DANCING WITH THE STARS!!! We wish you a happy 33 month birthday!!we miss you and love you very very much. luv and hugs, paw paw and maw maw naaaaaan