Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving, walking, squirrels, etc

While on our multi-state Thanksgiving Tour, Will decided to start walking on his own.  For several months now, he's walked if he's holding onto something or pushing something (ie, he pushes around our kitchen chairs and baskets of laundry), but so far he'd remained too chicken to strike out on his own (despite much coaxing).  Well, he finally did it.  Rob got  a video of his very first steps:

Will has been hesitant to walk again after his initial successful foray, but I figure he will be walking more and more as the days go on.  And I'm glad to know, at least, that he actually can do it.

The other issue of excitement in our house is that we've had squirrels in our attic, and we*  finally caught one of them.  Rob set up a "Havaheart" live trap and baited it with whole wheat bread and organic peanut butter.  After a few near misses, one of the squirrels got trapped in there today.  Rob placed the trap in a rubbermaid tub, and we took the thing to a very lovely park several miles from our house.  Hopefully the squirrel decides to stay in the park, because if it tries to head back to our place, it will probably not survive such a long trip through heavy traffic.  Now all that remains is to catch the other squirrel and patch up the holes where they are getting in.  Hm.

Well, there is so much more to say, but I am still carsick from our Thanksgiving adventure.  And that's not helping me get over my hypermesis flashbacks.  Also, I am exhausted and not ready to head back to work tomorrow.  It is going to be insane from here on out to the end of the semester.  Ugh, feels like mile 20.


*And by we I actually mean Rob

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Anonymous said...

It was sooooo great having you home ( even if it was only 24 hours) !! BUT, the millions of miles you traveled to see ALL the relatives took its toll on you~~~ We loved the smiles, hugs and cuddles from DARLING WILL~~ he is such a cutie--- Sure hope you can dig deep down and find the strength to POWER on, and get thru these next few weeks~~ YOU CAN JUST STAY HOME AND "RELAX" at christmas. with only a weekend off, it's TOOO far to travel back to IL..... we'll come visit you , you can pick the day~~ happy to hear ROB captured the SQUIRREL. or( 1 ms suzie).. sure hope he gets the other one.....soon~~~ hugs to all, luv you, mama