Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First day

Today was the first day of classes here on campus, and I have to say that I am very impressed by both the faculty and students. There is just such a different energy and excitement here compared to where I'm coming from. Maybe it's just because today was the first day, but there was no one texting, facebooking, or sleeping during lecture. Isn't it sad that I find that so amazing? After one of the classes for which I am responsible, several students actually came up to introduce themselves to me and shake my hand. Seriously. For no other purpose. Wow. I guess when you're paying close to $40,000 a year in tuition, you actually take your education seriously.

I think I'm going to like it here.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT A GREAT START TO A NEW BEGINNING!!!!!! Another adventure in the LIFE, of "O THE PLACES YOU WILL GO" !!!!!!! May every day be exciting!!! Luv you, mama