Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bait and Switch

I am kind of desperate to get my dissertation revisions done. Will's refusal to take a bottle has definitely complicated this process.

Today I took him back to the daycare and had them try to feed him again while I was still there. No luck. Every time Ms. V brought the bottle to his lips, he would squirrel his head away and look at something else in the room. It was so frustrating. After maybe 10 minutes I took him and tried the bottle. At first he did the same thing, but then he just opened his mouth and started drinking. I fed him about an ounce out of the bottle, and then we did the old bait and switch: I handed him to Ms. V and she finished feeding him. I have no idea why I had to be the one to get him started eating. I just wonder what is going on his little mind.

I left and went to the Champaign Library, which is nearby. I had an hour or so to work before I needed to pick him up again. It was great. I did some tedious reanalyzing of data that would have been so hard to do while taking care of Will.

I went back to pick Will up, and on the way home he fell asleep. I thought for sure he would wake up at any second, but he ended up sleeping in his carseat for almost 3 hours. I think going to daycare really takes a lot out of him. It just must be overwhelming to him or something. To see all those other babies and play with all those toys and to be without mama. I hope he isn't scared. When I got there to pick him up, he was crying, but as soon as he saw me walk in the room his face just lit up. And I'm sure my face lit up when I saw him too. I'd only been away from him a little over an hour, but it felt so good to hold him again.

At any rate, I was really glad when he finally woke up because by that point it had been almost 7 hours since he had nursed and I was extremely uncomfortable. I was also freaking out that this whole day care thing is going to make my milk supply go down. If I had known he was going to sleep that long, I would have pumped, but I kept thinking that he would wake up soon and be very hungry. I just don't want to end up skipping feedings and having milk supply issues.

Well, I guess I'd better go pump and try to get to bed. Will was so tired all day today that he favored sleeping instead of eating. He didn't nurse as much as he usually does, so that makes me wonder if he'll be hungry all night long!


amypfan said...

I'm so glad you're managing to get some work done on the dissertation in spite of Will's stubborn streak. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Grandma is available all weekend and after 4:00 p.m. weekdays. I'm a phone call away anytime.
Love you guys!
Grandma Barb