Saturday, January 23, 2010

And another thing

I forgot to mention in my last post what a milestone it was for me-- not necessarily Will-- to let someone else feed him. In the whole 5+ months of his life, nobody but me or Rob has ever fed him, and he's never had a drop of anything other than my breastmilk. I think some of my nervousness about taking him to daycare was that somebody else was going to feed him for the first time ever. Even though it would still be my milk, it would be somebody else giving it to him. That was a big deal for me. I don't know if this whole thing was so hard for me because of all the difficulties we've had breastfeeding, or if this is hard for other mothers too.

As it turned out, I was really glad that Will finally took the bottle in daycare on Thursday. The stress of him not eating for 5 hours on Tuesday while I was away from him far outweighed any nervousness I had about someone at daycare feeding him. Only afterwards I realized we'd gotten across another hurdle.

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amypfan said...

Way to go! Those "firsts" where you let someone else take care of your precious baby are especially hard.