Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dear William (75 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 75 months old.

Your month started with an impromptu trip to Illinois and missing a few days of school when Grampy passed and we traveled to his funeral.

You got to spend some time with your cousins and grandparents.
A conversation with Grandpa


Daddy had to stay in Illinois for a while, so you and I drove back to Colorado with Grandma Nan and Paw Paw.  Mama got to drive Paw Paw's car.

Grandma Nan and Paw Paw in the Poudre Canyon. It rained the entire time they were here, and apparently, this was the only picture I took.
Grandma Nan and Paw Paw didn't stay for long, and then we were on our own.  We tried to make the best of things.
We decided to hike the "A" trail together, which was a big deal since you "hate hiking" (your words)

It was a pretty day.  There was a lot of complaining, but we made it to the top.
You read a story to Lupine, our neighbor's cat.

I really wanted to go run, but since Daddy wasn't here to watch you, you had an idea: "I'll bike, you run, Mommy."  That was a great idea, William.

Just before Daddy got home from his trip, I got the call from school that you had a fever.  One dose of Tylenol and you were fine, but you got to stay home with me the next day.

Daddy brought back a new-to-you bike, all the way from Indiana. We tested it out by riding to the playground. You loved it.

Soon it was time for Halloween.  You had a class party.  We weren't sure if parents were allowed to go, but we did anyway, and it was okay.
Halloween cookie
You got to decorate a cookie.

You had your last soccer game of the season on Halloween morning.

Then that evening, you went trick or treating with two of your friends.

Houston, we have candy.
You still want to be an astronaut.

You helped your father do some yardwork:

Then you jumped in the leaf pile and took a little nap.

Leaf pile
Daddy said you closed your eyes and fell asleep.

You studied maps at school. You drew a map of Colorado, and you explained to me that the large circle was where the dragons live.
William, the education system will never appreciate your creativity, but in the end, being creative is the most important thing. Don't lose that.

We had our first snow on November 11th.  Everyone here gets really excited about snow. They had been forecasting a "blizzard," then downgraded it to a "winter storm."  It didn't amount to much.  I think they said we got 3 inches, but it barely seemed like an inch, and it was gone by noon.  When you woke up, though, around 6:30 in the morning, you were very keen to look out the window and see if it had snowed.
Checking for snow with Daddy.
You were ready for school a half an hour early, and you wanted to play outside.
In your new winter coat, having outgrown last year's.

We walked over to Red Fox Meadows so we could look at the mountains.

You were very happy. I was happier a few hours later when all the snow was gone.  But I suppose that more of it is coming, so I shouldn't put the winter coats too far away.

William, I love every minute that I get to spend with you.  You are my favorite little person.  You think the most interesting thoughts.  You know so much about the planets, stars, and the rest of outer space.  I really do think that if you want to be an astronaut when you grow up, you can, and you will.


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Anonymous said...

What a busy month you had! We always LOVE reading about your many adventures!!! Thank you for keeping me company on the way to your house!!! you were such a good little traveler and never complained once !!!! I tried to decide which picture of you was my favorite , and gave up!!!! they ALL were!!! 😘 So happy we got to spend some time seeing you do so many fun things!!! You are an amazing little boy, with a fantastic imagination and a BRILLIANT mind!! YOU show this mixed up broken world the way things should be done!! We LOVE you to,the moon and back!! miss you. Sending a big hug❤️ Pawpaw and grama nan