Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear William (61 months)

Dear William,

The big news this month is: K I N D E R G A R T E N.

IMG 3852

1st day

IMG 3855

It has been kind of a rough transition.  There has been some crying.  I honestly hadn’t expected it to be that hard.  But overall, you are happy and excited to go to school everyday, and you are making lots of friends. 

Normally you ride your own bike to school, but sometimes, you persuade Daddy to take you on the new Surly.

Big Dummy

Your biggest concern with kindergarten (aside from the fact that they don’t give you a snack in between second breakfast and lunch) is that you don't have enough time to play with your Legos anymore.  We try to make sure that you get your Lego play-time in during the weekends and afternoons.

Back yard LEGO

We’ve gone to a lot of Fort Collins festivals this month, such as the Peach Fest, where Daddy placed 7th in a 5K and won a non-vegan peach pie that we gave to our college student neighbors.

IMG 3867

After the race you had fun playing in some bounce houses:

IMG 3871

And going down a really big slide:

IMG 3881

IMG 3893You look scared, but you begged to do it again. And again.

We also went to something called New West Fest, which I think was supposed to be about music, but we were just there for the rides and super heroes.

IMG 3825

IMG 3829



Tour de Fat was this month too.  We didn’t ride in it, we just watched the parade, but we are already planning our costumes for next year.

Parade watchers


More bubbles



You went to your first USA Pro Challenge Bike Race in Denver.  You and mommy dressed alike.

IMG 3900




 You went for a hike with me up Horsetooth Falls on my birthday!  We didn’t see any rattlesnakes or anything.

IMG 3817

IMG 3815

IMG 3823


 You enjoyed a few nights out on the town  with the family.

IMG 3835 Dining at Cranknstein as Daddy tried to convince me we should buy the Surly.

You also enjoyed some nights in, cuddling with your bear (who used to be my bear) Corduroy.  

IMG 3841


You kept enjoying blue skies and mountains.

IMG 3843

Many more adventures await.


IMG 3925 My little so-big.

Love always,




Anonymous said...

Happy 61 month Will!!!! What an amazing Month of exciting things you have done!! we love seeing your pictures, and all the fun adventures you and Mama and Daddy take!!!! We hope all Your days of school can be learning adventures too!!! We look forward to reading next month your Latest adventures!! Sending big hugs ! luv paw paw and grama nan

Anonymous said...

Your great grampa george used to call. Your mama. His little so big!!!!!!!! :) luv grama nan

amypfan said...

I can't believe William is in kindergarten! (even though I know it was a big part of the reason for the timing of your move) It makes me want to put a brick on Liam's head or wrap him in bubble wrap or something (less creepy than those options) to keep him little. All of your adventures look amazing!