Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear William (60 months)

Dear William,

Today you are  5 YEARS OLD!!!!!

I can’t believe it.  Wasn’t it just yesterday you were a tiny little baby?

Meli & Will

So much has happened in the last month.

You had a visit from your grandparents; they brought you a giant cake.



You showed them your favorite playground.


We all went to Rocky Mountain National Park.


You threw snowballs at Grandpa, in July!!


You got worn out.

Worn out

But after you rested up, we went for a bike ride!

Open streets


You were sad when your grandparents left, but it cheered you up to play Star Wars with daddy.

IMG 3554


We read stories, too.



And you took a Superhero yoga class.IMG 3558

We visited the Gardens at Spring Creek.

IMG 3579

And we went back to your playground, where you practiced mountain climbing.

IMG 3585


At the end of July, we took a camping trip that involved a long drive through Poudre Canyon.

Poudre River


We camped by the Yampa River in Steamboat Springs.

Yampa River



The biggest thing of all this month was that we took another trip back to Nicaragua.  William, you are only now just 5 and you have been to Nicaragua 3 times in your life already!


Exciting breakfast Breakfast in Managua on the first day.

Mama had to work a lot in the jungle, but you got to do fun stuff with Daddy.  Like ride in the back of a truck.

Truck ride


And swim at Ojo de Agua.

IMG 3728


You actually went to kindergarden for 2 days on Ometepe.

IMG 3754

Nicaraguan kindergarten

When you weren’t busy studying, you enjoyed chasing chickens around the yard (I’m not sure they enjoyed it so much).

Chasing chickens


You had plenty of hammock time.

Eating cookies in a hammock


You loved going down to the dock and watching the sunset.



We got to see Eduardo again.



Before we left Ometepe, we spent a day in Moyogalpa.  We went to a museum of Nicaraguan pre-history, and I bought you a toy bird.

IMG 3766


You helped me run some errands in Managua.

IMG 3775

IMG 3779


We went swimming at the hotel pool in Managua, and I figured out how to order you some french fries.

IMG 3787

IMG 3788


It was a long, long, very long trip back home, but you didn’t complain.



After we got back to Colorado, it was time for your birthday!



You were thrilled that your birthday coincided with Taco Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday


You helped me bake and decorate your cake (High Altitude: 0.  Us: 1).




William, you are my best little buddy.  I am the luckiest mom in the world.  We’ve had so many amazing adventures these past 5 years, and I know we are just going to keep on having more.

Love always,


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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday dear Will!!! I agree with your mama, it seems like yesterday we saw you when you were born!! You have had a very busy 5 years!! So many things have taken place in those 5 years! With soooo many changes!! Like 3 major moves!!!! The pictures of your past month are amazing!!! you are quite the traveler!!! As you start school this month, there will be many new and exciting times!!! You are a very dear and precious little boy, we miss you and your charming ways!! We look forward to a visit to see you! Miss you so much, luv you , sending you a big HUG , paw paw and grama nan