Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dear William (58 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 58 months old.

An amazing thing happened this month: we moved to Colorado!


It was kind of an ordeal.


Luckily, your grandparents entertained you while we were busy packing:

Saying goodbye

And just like that, we said: See you later St. Louis! See you later forever.

IMG 3210

It was a long trip.  

IMG 3225

Daddy drove the U-Haul.  You and mommy followed behind in Esmerelda.  You must have gotten very bored, but you were so good.

When we finally arrived at our new house, EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME!


Do you see that rainbow? It’s awesome!

You love your new room because it has a cubby in the wall where you can hide your things.  You got started unpacking right away.

IMG 3231


But it got a little hard to keep up with the unpacking when there are so many beautiful things to see, basically in our own backyard.

Rocky Mountain NP

Foothills Trail

IMG 3301

One of our first orders of business after we arrived in Colorado was to get you a proper Big Boy bike.  At first you were very cautious, but every day you are getting better and better!  Pretty soon I won’t be able to keep up with you.

Track bike


You love being outside all the time now that we live in Colorado.  We have a nice yard and driveway; you can run circles around the house and I can keep an eye on you while I am inside doing things.  It makes me so happy that you like to play outside.

You and mommy have been going on lots of adventures every day.  Sometimes we drive to the places we are going, and sometimes we bike.  You call these latter ones Bike Adventures.  You ride behind mommy’s bike in the trailer, which you call the Batmobile.  The bike paths and bike lanes all over town make it pretty easy to get just about anywhere.  We have biked downtown a few times to several different story hours, and we have biked to your favorite playground (even though it was a little bit of a rainy day).

IMG 3285


We even biked to the Old Town farmer’s market, where bought an Indigo Rose tomato plant from a really nice farmer.  You held onto the tomato plant as we biked home, and we made it just fine.

IMG 3324

Every once and a while, we need a break from so many bike adventures.  Last month, your friend Stuart (and his older brother) introduced you to something called video games.  And even though I told daddy, “There will be no video games in this house,” he said something something about hand-eye coordination, and all of a sudden you are allowed to play Tetris.

IMG 3308

We have also done a lot of baking this month— all those bike rides and fresh mountain air have made us hungry.  We made vegan sugar cookies (you did the frosting):

IMG 3316

 And baby donuts too (again, you were in charge of frosting).

IMG 3338


Last weekend, Daddy did his first ever race in the mountains.  It was called the Pilot Hill 25K and was in Laramie, Wyoming.


At first it was a little cold in the morning, and you were not very happy. But you warmed up when you started running around and riding your bike.

IMG 3342

We also took a day trip to Boulder, where we visited Long’s Iris Garden.  Mommy got a little bit emotional, as she has always loved irises.


IMG 3384

IMG 3388


We finished off this month with a haircut. Mama did a pretty good job, didn’t she? My goodness, aren’t you handsome.

IMG 3391

William, it has been a month of many adventures.

In car


We’ve travelled a long way to get where we are, but from here on out, it’s all blue skies.

Blue Sky Trail




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Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo. HAPPY to read all about your NEW life in CO!!! The mountains are awsome!!! Such beautiful pictures!!! AMAZING that Mama, arrived in Colorado in time to stand with the IRIS!!! How awesome!! and the RAINBOW over your CO HOME!! Made me teary! Pretty sure that was sent from grampa george!!! He is watching over you !!! Along with grammy florence!! :). William you are soooooo handsome and such a lucky little boy to have such loving parents!! Looking forward. To a trip WEST to visit!! Have fun. Riding your new bike!! It is really pretty!! Sending a big hug from paw paw and grama nan to you. LUV you