Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear William (56 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 56 months old!

Making faces


You still love super heroes.

Up up and away

IMG 3033



And legos.

Master builder

IMG 3091


Sometimes when mommy is really tired, you pretend to drive.

I'll turn this car around

IMG 3089


You love reading stories.

IMG 3045


And having picnics.

IMG 3056


You like to draw and write.

IMG 3085


You helped me with my ankle injury.

IMG 3068


You say the sweetest things sometimes.

William, this month we had the first signs of spring after a very long winter.

IMG 3061


We took a trip to Dunlap to visit Grama Nan and Paw Paw.

IMG 3095


You saw the sights.

IMG 3101


IMG 3103


And visited a playground. 

IMG 3097

You and your dad are goofballs :)



William, I love you so.


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Anonymous said...

Happy 56th month !!! You have been very busy doing lots of fun things!!! we are so happy you tok a little vacay. And came to play with us!!!! We had sooooo much fun!! keep your sweet smile !! You give the best hugs!!!! We love you!! Paw paw and grama nan