Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear William (55 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 55 months old!  What a fantastic month it has been.

You continue to be enamored with all things superhero.  We took a little trip to Kentucky for daddy to practice for a trail race he would be running there later in the month, and on the way we passed through a town named Metropolis.  The sign on the interstate boasted that it was the “hometown of Superman," so we stopped.  You got your picture taken with what might be the largest Superman statue in the world.

IMG 2924

IMG 2927


You were thrilled.

You continue to like to dress up in superhero costumes, sometimes while looking cross:

The Dark Knight

Sometimes while meditating.

IMG 2930


Sometimes while running at the park (you ran faster than the kids who were on their bikes).

IMG 2933

Or while swinging with your buddy.

IMG 2936


You enjoy breakfast in bed on occasion.

IMG 2932


And decorating me with stickers and then taking my picture:

IMG 2951

You like taking selfies:

IMG 2953


You love the movie Frozen.  We had several more cold, snowy days this month, and we passed the time by reenacting the movie.  You insisted on playing Elsa, while I played Anna.

IMG 2970

IMG 2971


We visited Grama Nan and Paw Paw this month to celebrate Paw Paw’s birthday.  You had so much fun.  You love visiting Grama Nan and Paw Paw.  You helped Paw Paw blow out his birthday candles, and you got to play Uno, too.

Pa Pa's birthday


You and mama went to the Science Center.  You got to wear a lab coat and do some experiments (that didn’t actually work, oh well).

IMG 2985


You made a friend there, and the two of you played for hours and hours!

IMG 2988




At the end of the month, we went back to Kentucky for daddy to run his race. You got a kids' meal at Chipotle.

IMG 2991


We stopped in Metropolis again.





During the race, you were in charge of cowbell.

IMG 3014

Daddy did really well! We are so proud of him.

IMG 3024


William, it has been a long, long winter. It seems like it has been winter forever. But the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting brighter, and hopefully the snow storms are done for a while. Spring will be here soon. We are all looking forward to that.


Love, Mama


IMG 2912

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing month you have had!!!! We were thrilled you came to visit us!! We love playing with you and learning new William games!!! just keep playing and having fun times!!! Can't wait to find out what. Exciting things you will do this month!!! Hope a visit to see us is part of the fun!!! We love you !! Big hugs!! Paw paw and grama nan