Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear William (53 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 53 months old!

We started the month out with a trip to the City Museum.

There were a lot of slides for you to slide down and tubes for you to crawl through.

City Museum


Your dad went around in a big wheel:

City museum1City museum2


Just before Christmas, we made a big announcement to everybody:


(It will be a while before we leave though).

You had to drop out of pre-school, because now that I am no longer an employee of Wash U, you can’t go there.  They had a pajama party for you on your last day.

Last day

You said you were very excited about not going to school anymore and instead having time at home to play with mama.  But I think really, you were excited about Christmas.

You'll shoot your eye out kid


We had a lot of Christmas celebrations this year.  Our first Christmas took place when Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bruce came to visit.

Playing with Grandpa


You opened all your presents in the time it took me to go to the kitchen and make a pot of coffee.  I was kind of sad about missing that, but Daddy got a few pictures. 






Some of your favorite gifts included a Spiderman hat and super-hero toys from Mama and Daddy.

Does whatever a spider can


You also really enjoy playing with a super-hero lego set that Daddy got for you:

Super heroes


After our first Christmas celebration was over, we took a family trip to the Magic House.


Chalk board

Driving Mommy

At the pump

Then we left to go to Grama Nan and Paw Paw’s.  Your cousins Logan and Mackenna were there.  On Christmas Eve, you helped Uncle Mark track Santa on the iPad.

Tracking Santa

On Christmas morning, you had fun opening presents and playing with your cousins.

Little ones




All smiles


After Christmas was over, we had to say a sad goodbye to Aunt Michelle, Uncle Mark, and cousins Logan and Mackenna.  They are moving to Ireland, and it will be a while before we see them again.


When we got back to St. Louis, we went on a few hikes.

Snack break


Sometimes you weren’t so happy about hiking.

Unhappy hiker

“I don’t like hiking.” — William


We spent New Year’s Eve with Cara and John and some other friends.  You got to hang out with a bunch of kids, including your BFF Ashlynn.

Ta da!

New Year juice

Just after New Year’s, we had a Polar Vortex come through.  A polar vortex is pretty much as awful as it sounds.  On January 5th and 6th, we got around a foot of snow and the windchill dropped to -33.  It stayed bitterly cold for many days afterwards.  It was too cold for us even to go outside and sled.  The roads were impassible.  Everybody was snowed in for as long as it lasted. I was very glad that I'd had the wherewithal to buy groceries on the Friday before this happened.

Here is a video your dad took of the snow as it began in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday and continued for the rest of the day.

We are just now melting out of the polar vortex and trying to create a new normal in our lives. At first you were thrilled to stay at home and play with mommy all day, but now you are starting to miss the Apollo room at school and all your friends.  I feel so sad about that, William.  I am trying my best to come up with fun things for us to do.

Today, we built a snowman out of the last of the snow.  He didn’t last long; it got up to 57 degrees:

Snow people


Then we made a dinosaur habitat out of some things around the house and some twigs and leaves we found outside.

Dinosaur habitat

Dino habitat

You put a pteranodon in the “tree.”  I love it.


Dino volcano

Our dino habitat had a volcano and lake, too.

I wonder what we will do tomorrow?  I guess I’d better get to working on that.



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Anonymous said...

WHAT a WONDERFUL MONTH YOU had!!!! Loved all the pictures, that captured all the fun you were having!!! So glad you could come visit us for christmas... it was SOOO FUN!!! I love the dinosaur habitat you and mama built!! VERY VERY CLEVER and DETAILED!!! Soon it will be FEBRUARY and ON TO more exciting adventures!!! Looking forward to your next visit with us!! big hugs, luv you, paw paw and grama nan