Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dear William (46 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 46 months old!

It has been a fantastic month.

We started it off with camping trip to the Mark Twain National Forest, where your dad ran the Berryman 50 mile trail race.  You were very helpful setting up the tent.

Photo 2

Photo 3


Back at home, you tried cauliflower, which you sort of liked. 

Photo 1


It was raining on Memorial Day Weekend, so we couldn't go outside much. Instead we did some baking. You helped me invent the most amazing Vegan Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies, but then you refused to eat them :(.

Photo 1 3


There was an end-of-the-schoolyear carnival at the Catholic school up the street. (End-of-the-schoolyear carnivals are A Thing in St. Louis.  Every school has one).  There were real, actual roller coasters there.  The height requirements for most of them were 42 inches, and you are about 39, but no was too concerned about that.

You loved the roller coasters, which is surprising, considering that you share my DNA (and occasionally my propensity for carsickness).

Photo 1 2

Photo 2 2

Although it looks like you must be in horrible danger, you said you were having fun.


You went to Shakespeare in the Park.

Photo 4


You continued to work hard at school, practicing pre-writing and the teeter-totter.



You love practicing to read and write.  You even do that for fun at home with me.  Sometimes you do some pages in your kindergarden workbook while wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume and a conductor hat.

Photo 5


This month you drew a picture of me for the very first time.  It's adorable.  I think I look like a smiling australopithecine in a dress.

Photo 4 1


Left: Mommy.  Middle peach blob: Will.  Skinny brown stick figure below that: Daddy.


You are taking a swim class at the Heman Park Pool.  Sometimes you love it, sometimes you cry and say that the water is too cold.  I am really hoping that you stick with this and that you like swimming.  Of all the sports you could end up choosing to do, swimming would be a good one.

You have also started riding your balance bike more and more.  At first you didn't like it, but now you can't wait to ride!


 On a nice day this month, I took you outside and gave you a really great haircut.  You are so handsome!!  I could just kiss your cheeks all day long.

Photo 2 3

William, starting this past week, I am off work for the rest of the summer.  Time for Mama and Will to play!  We have been having so much fun, and we've got 2 more months to play and play.  I am loving every minute of it.  When I wake up in the mornings and hear the birds chirping, I get so happy just thinking about spending the day with you!

Love always,

Your mama 

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Anonymous said...

Happy Day WIlliam~~~~ You had a very exciting and adventurous month!!! Loved the pictures seeing the fun you had ,, helping with the tent~~, riding scary rides~~~, eating new foods,~~~~ writing and drawing,~~~, you are a very busy little boy!!! Tell mama, she gives good haircuts.. you are sooo cute!!! Can't wait to read next month about the fun you and mama will have while she is home for the summer!! We miss you and LOVE YOU~~~ Big Hugs ~~ Paw paw and grama nan