Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear William (45 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 45 months old!

Some very big milestones happened this month.  The biggest one was that for the first time in your life, I was away from you overnight.  That was terrifying.  For me, at least.  You were fine.  Grama Nan and Paw Paw came to St. Louis to watch you while Mama and Daddy went to do the Frisco Railroad Run.  You had a blast.  I am told that you never once fussed or complained.  You helped Grama Nan celebrate her birthday.

IMG 1732


Your next big milestone this month was that for the very first time ever, you wrote your own name.  Just like that.  You wanted me to draw pictures of the three of us (you and daddy and me) on your easel, and after I did that, I had to run into the kitchen to do something about a pan on the stove for dinner.  Quick as a flash, you grabbed the yellow crayon and wrote W-I-L-L  in the corner.

IMG 1747


You continued to enjoy playing with your Mr. Tato Head dolls.  It is so sweet to listen to you play.  You have now reached the stage where you make your toys have conversations with each other.  Sometimes I hear your toys saying things that you and I have said.  Too cute.

IMG 1733


It became springtime and you found some dandelions.



You developed a penchant for cinnamon toast this month.  Sometimes you run into our bedroom at 6am and wake me up so that I can go make you cinnamon toast for breakfast.  You help sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar.  You always make sure that I make a piece for myself, too.  



You learned a new yoga pose at school ("The Tree") and you demonstrated it to me.



You continued to practice the Handwriting Without Tearscurriculum at pre-school.  I continue to refer to the program as Handwriting With Tears.  The one time you used the iPad app version of this thing, some lady with a English accent kept telling you that you were making your letter B wrong, and it made me mad.  As long as it looks like the letter B, who the the heck cares how you make it.  Let's not stifle your creativity while you are still only 3.  (Or ever).  



 You helped me bake homemade crackers.  We spelled your name.  It took some coaxing, but you eventually ate all the letters.



Mama took you to a truck exhibit somewhere in Richmond Heights and there was nowhere to park and it was a little bit stressful, but eventually you got to climb up in a fire engine.

Fire engine


You helped me balance work and life by grading exams with me before bedtime.

IMG 1753


All month you have been telling us that on your home days you want to go to Nicaragua and the train museum and the butterfly store and Ashlynn's house.  We finally had a chance to take you to the train museum again and you were very happy about that.

Train museum


Steam engine

Little train


You have been so sweet and helpful this month.  You love cooking and baking with me.  You sometimes make a game out of picking up your toys.  After we had to have a big, old maple tree cut down in our backyard (mama was a little sad about that), you got a shovel and bucket and helped us transport mulch to all the flower beds.  When I wasn't feeling well and needed to lie down on the couch because my head hurt, you joined me and snuggled up tight until I was feeling better again.



William, I can't get over how great you are and how much I love hanging out with you.  You are the best little buddy in the whole world.  I love you so much!




Your mom

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Anonymous said...

Will, you had many wonderful adventures this past month!!!!! Paw Paw and I loved getting to play with you while mama and daddy ran MILES AND MILES AND MILES!!!! We had soo much fun as you entertained us . Don't tell mama , but I think YOU watched US .!!!! You were such a dear and kind little boy, we enjoyed every minute with you!!!! We miss you, can't wait til you can come visit us and play with the STEAM ENGINE!!!! DOWNSTAIRS!!! in the box!!! :) stay as sweet as you are now,,,,,,,,, luv and hugs~~ grama nan