Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear William (40 months)

Dear William, 

Today you are 40 months old!

This past month has been all about trains for you.

IMG 2376

On November 16, we took the train downtown for the Festival of Lights, where we saw fireworks and you ate part of a cupcake.  

IMG 2403


Soon it was time for Thanksgiving.

IMG 1181

We stayed in St. Louis, and we had so much fun.  We had a long 4-day weekend to spend with each other, and we loved every minute of it.  First, we got up early on Thanksgiving morning and took the train to the parade downtown.  We saw marching bands and lots of floats and some large inflatable things and also Jackie Joyner-Kersee.  You were not as interested in the parade as I was, so you spent most of your time running around the plaza with your daddy.

IMG 2408

IMG 1253

Then we headed back home and I made us all a very lovely Thanksgiving dinner.  You were excited about the cornbread and peas.

IMG 1259  Version 2


The fun didn't stop there.

The next day we went to the Museum of Transportation.  You and your dad had so much fun.  I was freezing while we looked at the trains, but I did enjoy the gift shop.

IMG 4805

IMG 1266

IMG 2451


IMG 2475

IMG 1264


We also went to the Missouri Botanical Garden "Gardenland Express" exhibit and saw more model trains.

IMG 2484

IMG 2501


The next weekend we went and got a Christmas tree.  You were very excited about putting the star on top, and you helped with all the ornaments.

IMG 1277


IMG 1280


You have been very interested in helping out this month.  You bake me pretend cakes and then feed them to me.  You insist on doing everything on your own, like brush your teeth and put on your socks.  You even helped me do some research for a book chapter I am writing on howler monkey infant development.

IMG 1184


You've still been having a lot of trouble going to sleep.  You never want to go to bed.  You cry and ask me to stay with you and tell me that you want to cuddle.  When we finally get you to sleep, you will wake up in a few hours and join us in our bed.  The other night I woke up to see you standing at my bedside, and you very politely said, "EXCUSE ME."  You asked to come into the bed and I said of course.  One other time, you were sleeping in bed with me while your daddy was still up working late (we've all been working late a lot this month), and when daddy finally came to bed you announced, "I'M HERE, DADDY."

It has been a great month, William.  I especially enjoyed the time I got to spend with you around Thanksgiving.  In fact, those days were some of my most favorite days in my whole life.  We should have days like that more often.


Looking forward to many more adventures with you,


Your mom

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Anonymous said...

What a fun month you had !!! Lots of exciting adventures with mama and daddy!! We really liked seeing the pictures of you having fun!! Especially the one with mommy and daddy. THAT WOULD SURE BE NIcE FOR ME TO cARRY WITH ME TO SHoW ALL THOSE I MEET!!! Christmas will be here very soon..... and there will be lots of presents under the tree for william R S!!! Can't wait to see you ...... luv , maw maw nan and paw paw