Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear William (38 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 38 months old, hooray!

You are taking a gymnastics class.  You are so good at it, I keep expecting your teachers to contact us and say that we should pull you out of pre-school so you can do gymnastics full time.  



You don't usually do somersaults at gymnastics class (I guess that's too advanced), but you love doing them at home.


We took another camping trip this month. We went to Pere Marquette State Park. It was beautiful, except there were lots of mosquitoes. You didn't complain, though. Particularly after we found you a playground.


You took a nap in the tent with Woody and Jessie.Nap time

And then we went on a Family Hike. Pere Marquette hike

You have been speaking more and more Spanish this month. You can easily count to 10 en español. While we are reading books, you often identify animals by their Spanish name first (Conejo! Oso! Mono! Tigre! Elephante! Dinosaurio!) At the playground, you went up to two little girls, smiled, and said, "HOLA!"

You refer to yourself as Guillermo sometimes, and on one occasion you called yourself Gille-- the Argentinean pronunciation. You're adorable, mi cielo.

Warm hat

You invented a game this month where you say to me, "You be William. I be Mommy." And so we reverse our roles. You say, "William, do you want some milk?" And I tell you yes. You hand me some pretend milk and I pretend to drink it. Then you ask, "William, do you want a snack?" And I tell you yes. So you cup your hands and pretend to give me something to eat. It is precious.

You continue to be a playground connoisseur. You love playgrounds. We have found two nearby elementary schools (despite their proximity, they are in a fancy-pants school district we don't belong to) that have amazing playgrounds. The last several weekends we have taken you there to play, and you've had a blast.  You are at this stage where you require me and your dad to actively participate with you while you are playing.  That is, you don't just want to run around on the playground equipment by yourself, you want us to join in on the fun.  I don't think you're scared to go down the big slide by yourself, for example.  You just love it so much that you want to sit on my lap and slide together so that we can both experience it!


We took you to go see Finding Nemo in 3D at the movie theater this month. It was pretty cool to see on the big screen, and it looked like the fishes were swimming up and down the aisles with us. Also, you were very cute in your child-size 3D glasses.

You have been making more art this month: Making art

You have been slightly more adventurous with your eating habits this month.  And by "slightly more adventurous," I mean, after lots of screaming and crying and bribing, we finally got you to try a few bites of a lentil sloppy joe one night.   I was so proud of you for being brave and trying a new food!  Let's do it again sometime.

You've started sleeping with your door open at nighttime.  The first night you did this, I woke up at 3am and you were standing at the bedside looking at me.  A little creepy.  Now most of the time you just get up and come to our door and breathe heavily until I wake up and ask you if you want to come in.  Then you jump into bed with us and cuddle up tight and fall fast asleep.  It gets a little bit crowded, but I really like having you close.

William, we had a great month.  Looking forward to our next adventures!


Your mom




Anonymous said...

WOW! You are such a big boy!! So many new adventures you and mommy and daddy keep finding for you to do!! that is sooo neat!! You just keep playing and making up new games, that is like your mommy used to do!!!!!! we're so excited you are coming to visit us on your 38 month day!! O the FUN WE WILL HAVE, WILLIAM!! LUV YOU SO MUCH!! grama nan and paw paw

amypfan said...

He just keeps getting more adorable with each month! I love reading about William's adventures.

Katrin said...

Noo, Rob, don't slide down the slide! Oops, too late. I made the same mistake-twice. Painful!
M, I love your posts!