Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear William (37 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 37 months old.  You are really enjoying being three.

We took another family camping trip this month.  We went to Hawn State Park near Ste. Genevieve, MO.  There was a playground right on the campground, and you loved that.  We played nature bingo in the amphitheater that night.  Then you snuggled up next to Mommy and Daddy and went to sleep in the tent.


The next morning we went hiking.  The trails were great-- sandy and beautiful.  I hiked barefoot because a blister on my ankle made shoes uncomfortable.  It was lovely, William.




Your daycare randomly closed one day because of a water main break, and your dad took the day off work to take care of you.  The two of you went on another hike.  This time you rode in the pack.

In the pack


We went to the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park.  You wouldn't eat any food (as per usual), but you did have some frozen lemonade.  It was really good.  It was a lemon icee and they put a peppermint candy at the bottom that melted into the lemonade and became pure wonderfulness.  I think we got it from the Hawaii booth (which is a state, not exactly a nation), or from some unaffiated booth that was next to Hawaii.  I hope your father can find this booth again next year (I've already forgotten where it was) because those icees were delicious.

Frozen lemonade


We went to the Science Center, where you looked at trains and puzzles and played with magnetic tiles.  We don't know anybody in St. Louis, but we saw three people that we knew there that day.







You did some more hiking with your father.  You stole his trekking poles.

More hiking


We went to the zoo and visited the stingray exhibit.  Did you know it is free during the first hour of operation?  That is great.  There were stingrays and little sharks in the enclosure.  Visitors could pet them.  I put my hand in the water and a couple of stingrays swam over and let me pet them.  They felt slimy and amazing.  You and your dad didn't really want to touch them.  Maybe next time.

You continue to be a non-eater of food and I wonder what keeps you alive.  

You never want to go to bed.  The whole process takes us two or more hours every night.  You cry like your heart is breaking and cling to me whenever I say "Nigh nigh" and try to leave the room.  You beg me to stay with you.  You get up repeatedly to ask for a drink of water or to go to the potty or to tell us that you are afraid of lions.  Sometimes you call me into your room in the middle of the night and tell me, "I need a hug."   It is hard to be mad at you because you are so cute, but William, it is exhausting.

You started taking naps in underpants (no diaper) and waking up dry.  We haven't tried that overnight yet-- I'm a bit too scared.  Maybe this month, we'll see.

Get ready for more adventures, William!  


Your mom

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Anonymous said...

Dear William, you are such a big boy now! where has those 3 years gone?? Your adventures with mommy and daddy continue to be a learning experience~~~ What FUN to be 3!!!!!!!! We miss you and love you very much~~can't wait to come see you .......luv and big hugs, paw paw and grama nan