Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear William (36 months)

Dear William

Today you are THREE YEARS OLD!

What an amazing journey it has been.


We started off this month with a visit to Illinois and you got to play with your first ever girlfriend, Ashlynn



Out for a walk


You took a bath together and then you slept in the same bed.  That isn't weird.  You're both only (almost) three.  It was adorable actually.  We could hear you two whispering to each other for quite some time after we shut the lights out, but once you fell asleep, you didn't make another peep until morning, when you both got up and started playing with toys.

 The next big thing that happened is that you moved from the two-year old room to the pre-school room (aka "The Big Kid room") at daycare.  I was worried about it, because you have always had trouble when you've moved into a different room at daycare, plus you were very, very attached to your beloved teacher Mr. D.  But so far, so good.  You have been enjoying the Big Kid room and the transition has been very smooth.  Some of your friends moved up with you, and while you hang out with them a lot, you are also busy making new friends.  Your new teachers are very nice too.  And I heard that Mr. D still comes in to see you before nap time-- he even tucks you in and wishes you sweet dreams.  Mr. D, we will always love you!

This month, you've been improving your Spanish speaking skills!  You know just about all the colors and lots of animals.  When you want milk you ask for leche and when you want juice you ask for jugo.  You can also count to 10 in Spanish.  Here is a video of you counting, but in this one, you only go up to 5:



You still like to jump on the couch. We are thinking of signing you up for gymnastics. Air


You love helping me water the garden (i.e., the two tomato plants we are attempting to grow in pots).


You have been eating slightly better this month. That is to say, on at least a couple of occasions, you have willingly consumed one or more bites of solid food, which is something that almost never happened before. You tried corn on the cob (1 bite). You will eat a 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich (even though it may take us an hour and a lot of coaxing). The other day I was slicing up cantaloupe and you were watching me and said, "OH, THAT SMELL PRETTY!" and I told you it was called cantaloupe and asked you if you wanted to eat some. You said that you did, and you ate a whole big bowl of it. I was so happy that I hugged and kissed you a million times! You also ate an entire cubed mango the other day. I wept with joy.


This month, we have discovered that we can get you to do almost anything if we count to five. As in, "William, you need to stop playing with your trains and come over here and put your shoes on by the time I count to FIVE! ONE… TWO…" We almost never get past 2-1/2.


You have said a lot of cute things this month. My favorite thing that you have said is, "MOMMY, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH."


I was so excited for your birthday that we had three whole birthday parties for you this month. You've gotten very used to birthdays and presents. In fact, just about every day, you ask me for a present. "I WANT BLUE PRESENT," you will say. And then you might change your mind. "I WANT RED PRESENT." I'm not sure exactly what that means.


We had a whole long-weekend party for you, and you got to have lots of fun with your mama and daddy. We kicked the whole thing off with a special breakfast of vegan donuts (which you ate!) Birthday donuts


You opened your present from Cousin Logan, which was a Mack Truck where you can store all your cars! Mack


You opened your present from Mama and Daddy, which was a Jessie Doll to go with your Woody Doll. For months you have been asking me for a Jessie doll at least 10 times a day. You were thrilled to finally receive her. Jessie & Woody


We had a special cake, just for you! 3 You got a Slip and Slide, but I think that was also for Daddy. What do you think? You can check out the whole thing on this video!


William, it is hard to believe how much you have grown up! Joyful daddyGuys


Happy, happy birthday! We've got many more adventures ahead of us! Smiling




Your mom


Buenos dias


Anonymous said...

HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WILLIAM~~~~~ wish we could be with you on your NUMBER 3 BIRTHDAY!! You have become such a BIG BOY now~~~~~~ We loved watching you blow out your candles and have the FIRST piece of birthday cake!!! You sure were having fun on your SLIP AND SLIDE......down the hill!!! so much fun!! we miss you and love you very very much!!! can't wait to see you again~~luv and hugs, paw paw and grama naaaaan

Alena said...

Happy Birthday Will! Grow healthy, and happy, and smart, and strong!

I really enjoyed the video. :)