Sunday, July 22, 2012


The Indigo Girls played at The Pageant last night.

Back when they announced the date of their St. Louis show, a huge wave of relief washed over me (sorry, that was a cliché statement, but I am too exhausted to be creative at the moment).  After my completely inappropriate and probably deeply confusing reaction to meeting Amy Ray at her solo show a couple months ago, I was paranoid that her first course of action would be to call up Emily and say, "Hey, there is a crazy girl in St. Louis who may be obsessed with me.  Let's never go there again."

But she didn't.  Thankfully.

The very instant that the tickets went on sale, I went to The Pageant and bought them.

Rob and I have been to 3 Indigo Girls concerts, I think.  Or maybe just 2.  One of them was at a Lilith Fair approximately 10 million years ago.  It was the day after I got my wisdom teeth out, so I was still woozy and in a lot of pain and don't remember much other than being hungry but without sufficiently pureed food.  Another one was in Champaign/Urbana right after I ran the Des Moines marathon.  I must have screamed/cheered/sang along because I lost my voice, which was unfortunate considering that I had to present the results of my dissertation pilot study at a conference just a few days later.

I was pretty excited about this concert here in St. Louis, although I was bummed that a friend of mine (the friend who went to the Amy Ray show with us) wasn't going to be able to make it.  But of my limited circle of acquaintances in St. Louis, most people I know like the Indigo Girls (who doesn't like the Indigo Girls, really), and after I spread the word about their upcoming show, two more of my friends/coworkers bought tickets.

On the Thursday before the show, Rob saw the schedule for a 3-stage bike race he'd been planning to do over the weekend and discovered that it would prevent him from going to the concert.  So he was faced with a real conundrum.

He chose the bike race.

I wasn't upset because 1) I had two other friends who were going to be there -2) I know where The Pageant is and I could get there on foot, car, or train- and 3) probably nothing in this world would keep me from seeing the Indigo Girls.

After Rob made his formal decision to back out of the concert, I posted on Facebook to see if anybody wanted his ticket.  Within the hour, one of my friends took me up on the offer.

The whole night ended up being amazing.  I had so much fun hanging out with my "date," and we made new BFFs with the hilariously awesome couple who shared our table.  Of my two other friends who were in attendance, I saw, hugged, and chatted with Friend #1 and texted back and forth with Friend #2, who was sitting to far away for me to see.

One thing I loved about the show is that Amy Ray was wearing khaki pants, a blue short sleeved dress shirt, a green necktie and glasses.  Also, she was chewing gum the whole time.  The other thing I loved about the show was everything.

The used so many guitars.  So many.  I lost count of how many different guitars they used.  At one point, a "stage hand" even came out  during a song and switched Emily's guitar for her.

I was sad when it was over.  The whole thing had been 2 hours of pure happiness, and I didn't want it to end.  I think I would be happier with life if the Indigo Girls came to St. Louis every night, although I guess my parents might get sick of driving down here to babysit my kid.

Hopefully they'll come back again soon.

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Anonymous said...

ANYTIME< PRINCE WILLIAM needs 'a sitter', DO RING US UP!! We enjoyed every minute of our time with him!! such a sweetie....... just happy you saw your 'fav ' NEW BEST FRIEND< perform 'close to you ' again! maybe your next career could be' handing AMY her 'GUITARS"!!!!!! >:) luv and hugs, mama

amypfan said...


amypfan said...
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amypfan said...

I want you to know that since reading this post this morning, I have had various Indigo Girls songs stuck in my head ALL DAY. And now I just woke up from a dream featuring an Indigo Girls soundtack. Seriously.

Melissa said...

Thanks for babysitting, mom. And Amy, I love that you were dreaming about the Indigo Girls. (I dream about them too sometimes). I highly recommend any and all of their concerts! So much joy and positive energy!!