Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear William (27 months)

Dear William

Today you are 27 months old!

You've had quite a month of ups and downs.

We went camping.


Hug. Mom.

You dressed like your dad sometimes.

Union suits

We had Halloween.  You were a chef.

Chef William

Candy bag

You rode your scooter and climbed over things.


Just. A. Few. More. Inches.

You had a visit from your friend A.  We think this will be the cover of your album when you start a boy-band.

Boy Band.jpg


Looking forward to another month of fun with you!


Your mama


Anonymous said...

HAPPY 27th" monther"!! ( is that a word?? mama nan made it be)!!!!! Love reading about all the many things you've been busy doing this past month! good for you!! LOVED your PICTURES!!! HUGS and kisses to you, BE HAPPY!!!we UVVVVVVVVVV U, pahpaw and mama nan

Katrin said...

Who is the dork standing next to you, William?!
So, we have to move to STL in order to get the boy band started!

Bass Amp Vs Guitar Amp said...

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