Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear William (26 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 26 months old!  You are such a delightful little person.

The biggest thing that happened this month was that you transitioned from your crib to your toddler bed!  It was very exciting.  The first several nights were very rough, actually.  But it seems like you've got the hang of it  now!!  You are so cute in your toddler bed.  I love it because I can crawl in beside you to read stories or kiss you.

You slept in the big bed with mama and daddy a lot during this transition period, and even though none of us really got much sleep throughout that, it was okay because you did incredibly cute and wonderful things such as roll over in your sleep, grasp my hand, smile, and whisper, "Mama."

Slumber party



On the second or third night that you were in your toddler bed in your room, you got up and somehow managed to set your clock/sound machine so that the alarm went off in the middle of the night. That gave us all a little startle.

You have invented some new words this month, such as "NO-KAY."  You say this when you are mad about something or fighting against something that you do not want to do, such as being placed in your high chair.

You still eat next to nothing, but we've had some encouraging reports that you've tried a few foods at daycare.  The most impressive of these was spaghetti with marinara sauce.  Your teachers insisted that you ate some of it, even though at home you will not touch pasta or anything red.


You "direct traffic" a lot.  If you want a person to be at a specific place in the room, you physically move them there.  If you want me to go into the kitchen and get you some milk or crackers, you put your hands on my legs and push me along until I get to where you need me to be.  You are surprisingly strong.  Once I was sitting on the floor trying to play with you, except that you wanted me to move to a different location, so you put your hands under my armpits and tried to pick me up.  You're hilarious.

You love hugs and kisses.  You are constantly hugging me.  I love it.  You have always given good hugs, but you are getting even better at hugging.  Maybe you are growing and your arms are getting longer or something, I don't know.  But you can wrap your arms around me in just the best way.  I hope you always love hugging.

We recently discovered that everything at the zoo is free during the first hour that it is open, so on the weekends we have taken you there a lot and you've ridden the carousel and driven around in cars with girls.



Cruising for chicks at the zoo


Looking forward to what the next month will bring!

Love you always,


Love Mom

The long way home


Anonymous said...

DEAR WILLIAM~~~ LOVED READING all about the many things you have been doing this past month!! You are a busy little boy!! SOOOOOO BIG now, sleeping in a big boy beddie!!wow! Loved your photos, especially the very last one, THAT IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! chokes me up every time I look at it!! Tell mama, someday that is what she'll see of you, just the back of you walking away and ON TO all the PLACES YOU WILL GO!!!!!luv you THIS BIG~~~~~~~~~~~always stay as sweet and HUGGABLE as you are right now!!! for every every more!! pahpaw and grama nan

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