Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear William (24 months)

Dear William,

Today you are TWO YEARS OLD!!

Happy birthday to you!

Do you remember when you were a tiny little baby, and all you could do was cry and eat and sleep? You don't? Well I do! It is hard to believe that two whole years have passed since then. Where has the time gone?

You began this month with a trip to the Pacific Northwest to celebrate your ma and pa's 10 year wedding anniversary.

When we came back home, you and I had a lot more fun around St. Louis. We even went to the zoo, where you rode the zoo train. You really liked that.

I took you on the carousel, too. At first you were bored while we were waiting for it to start up. But once we got moving, you loved it. You threw a huge fit when it was time to get off though. I told you we would ride it again another day, but I guess you didn't think that was soon enough.

We took the metro to downtown to City Gardens with some friends, and you splashed around in the fountains.

You have also been enjoying lots of pool time in your kiddie pool that we set up in the back yard, and you've enjoyed a few more excursions to the playground.

You've been learning a lot this month too. You love reciting the letters of the alphabet, reading your Dr. Suess alphabet book, or doing anything that has to do with letters. You recognize letters when you see them, too. When we were at the grocery store and you were sitting in the cart, you pointed up and said "A! B!" I looked behind me, and we were in the aisles that were labelled A and B! I was very proud of you for recognizing the letters and saying them out loud.

Another big milestone this month is that you USED THE POTTY for the first time ever. You've used it a total of 6 times this month. Sometimes you are very excited to use your potty, but other times you could care less. I try to keep reminding you that you will get to have some chocolate chips and a sticker if you use the potty, but you are often preoccupied by other things, such as reading your alphabet book and watching Dora on the iPad.

Reading material

You've continued to have a really tough time with the two days per week that you go to daycare. You do not like your new classroom (for 2-3 year olds) very much, I guess. You miss your old teacher. You cry and cry and cry and cry. It breaks my heart. You start crying at night when you see me lay out your school clothes and you realize that is where you are going the next day. You are very clingy to me in the mornings and you don't want to put on your shoes or go outside because you know where you will end up. You refuse to get in your stroller or carseat, and when we finally manage to make it there, you start sobbing your heart out once we are in the door. You hold onto my legs because you don't want me to leave you. I don't know why you don't like it there anymore. You used to love daycare so much. The whole thing is just breaking my heart. I am very nervous about starting back at work full time and having you go to daycare every day of the week. I'm currently working on writing a novel that hopefully is so good we become millionaires and then your dad and I can quit our jobs and just stay at home and play with you all day. Wish me luck with that.

I love your ears and nose

Well, William, I need to go get ready for your party. Be sure to check back on the blog for some pictures of it later!

Love always, Momma


Alena said...

Happy second birthday to William! Lots of happiness and health!!!

Anonymous said...

dear william, we're SOOOOOOOO happy we could celebrate your birthday with you!! You are such a FINE LITTLE BOY ~~. it's hard to believe you are 2 years old already!!! we love your hugs and kisses!!! Thanks for all the lovin we got from you while we were visiting!!! happy second birthday , luv and hugs , from paw paw rick and gwama nan