Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dear William (22 months)

Dear William,

Today you are 22 months old!  You just keep getting cuter and cuter.  We've kept many of the same routines that we've had for a while now.  For example, your bedtime routine involves going up the stairs to take a bath around 7:15 or 7:30, then brushing your teeth (sometimes just pretending to do that though), then we put you in your jammies and comb your hair and you hold Blue Seahorse and Monkey Blankie while we read you your favorite story I Love You Through and Through.


Something we've added to the mix this month is ... sitting on the potty.  At first you hated it.  Then you got a book about using the potty and you started to love the potty.  You would march up the stairs for your bath and say "Potty!  Potty!"  You would sit on your potty and read your book.  But then for some reason you started hating the potty again, I don't know why.  Hopefully someday you get over that, and actually decide to use the potty for what it is intended.


Probably your favorite thing that you have started this month is... PLAYING LEGOS!!  Your daddy got you a toddler lego set, although I think the gift was as much for him as it was for you.


Fast hands


You invented a new game, of which I do not approve.  Actually your father helped you invent this game.  We call it "Trust Fall."  It scares the liver out of me.  Behold:

Falling down

Your Auntie Cara and Unkie John visited briefly this month, and we met them to go to the Shakespeare Festival at Forest Park.  You liked the juggling act, but then it was late and past your bedtime, so you threw a fit and we went home before the play started.

Juggling with fire

On Memorial Day weekend, we took you for a hike on the Chubb Trail at Tyson Park.  You rode in your Ergo on Daddy's back.  You loved it!

Hiking the Chubb Trail

You got a whole bunch of new-to-you clothes from your Cousin Brody this month.  You are pretty much wearing all 2T clothes by this point!

Well, William, you have had quite a month.  Sometimes you are silly:

Sunglasses inside


And sometimes you can be moody:

I will throw a fit

But you are always cute!

Love you,



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Anonymous said...

Happy 22nd month birthday, dear William!!!!! you are so busy doing new things daily!! we love watching, thru pictures, and videos!!! we miss you very much!!! Hope someday soon, we can see you!!!Your mama is right, no matter WHAT YOU ARE DOING< YOU ARE SO VERY VERY CUTE!!!!! Luv you thru and thru!!! gwama and paw paw Rags